We all get bored of things, some of us faster and some slower, but we do eventually. We need news, something new either if it’s visual, acoustic or tactile, we feel the need of a refresh now and then. Well, the guys at GO as I like to call them, same guys that brought us the GO Launcher are bringing the GO Locker application (not the locker from your school) which lets you change the way your lock-screen looks and feels. Be warned that you need to install the GO Launcher EX (V2.58 or higher) first, or the GO Locker won't work.

Where I thought that the people at GO strive towards customization, the GO Locker app doesn’t deliver the same flexibility as their previous apps, so don’t expect something like frying chips, roasting chicken or woodcutting from this app because it ain’t happening yet.

The GO Locker app does what your normal screen-locker does, but with a few toppings. You can choose the way the animations behave when you lock and unlock your phone, like a TV animation, Zoom, Windmill, Flip or Random.

Besides the nice touch that the animations bring, users get a couple of themes for the GO Locker, like the ICS Theme, Sense UI Theme, the Classic GO Locker and a few others that didn’t catch my eye or weren’t worth installing as they are power mongers and eat away your battery pretty quick (one of them is the BloodySweetLove Theme).

Users can also lock their phone through one of three advanced locking options, the PIN, Pattern and Gesture which is one of my favorites.

All in one, I find the GO Locker app to be pleasing and refreshing and I think this would be the case for most of you.

Look for the GO Locker app on Google Play and remember to install the GO Launcher EX first as it won’t work without it.

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