We all know that using a rooted Android system comes with great and various advantages. And yes, we also know about the risks implied by the same operation. So, since we have already showed you how to root the Nextbit Robin it is of course only natural to show you how to revoke the root access and how to go back to stock Android firmware. Thus, if you want to relock your Nextbit Robin, don’t hesitate and check all the guidelines from down below.

With root access ensured you will remove all the factory and default restrictions which are pre-loaded on the Android system that runs on your Nextbit Robin. While using an unlocked OS you can tweak your Android device through different custom operations. Some examples might be the following ones: removing bloatware and start-up programs, installing .zip files, downloading apps from other sources than Google Play, flashing custom kernels, updating with custom ROMs and overclocking / undervolting CPU frequencies.

But as already pointed out, the root access also comes with risks and downsides. Overall, the process is not supported by your OEM or by Google, so you are performing an unofficial operation. As a result, the warranty of your Nextbit Robin will be lost and dealing with further problems will mean only new unpleasant situations – for example taking your device back to service won’t be possible as the warranty can’t be reclaimed.

Moreover, on a rooted smartphone you can’t receive further OTAs. Thus, if your Nextbit Robin is rooted you can only manually update your phone with a new firmware – in that case you have to wait until the full software package is being made available online.

Therefore, if you want to revoke root access for restoring your smartphone back to its initial state, you have to follow and complete the lines from this tutorial. In the end you will relock the internal Android system in order to restore the warranty and all the built-in features: the stock recovery will be reinstalled, the bootloader will be relocked and all the other built-in apps and settings restored. And yes, in the end you will be able to re-use OTAs and manage Android notifications without problems.

But before unrooting your Nextbit Robin don’t forget to backup your data. This is not optional as revoking root access is possible only be re-flashing the stock Android OS on your phone. So, basically you will complete an update / downgrade operation through which root access will be removed. That’s why during the same process your data might get corrupted or even wiped out. Therefore, save what’s personal for you and other built-in files such as the EFS folder, IMEI / NVRAM data or internet settings. Don’t panic, the backup can be easily applied by syncing your data with your account, by using cloud storage platforms or by downloading compatible backup and restore apps from Google Play.

As you will see, reinstalling the stock Android OS is more than easy. All you have to do is to run a dedicated file which will do all the work for you. So, you have nothing to worry about: you definitely won’t have to use complex tools – the flashing process is intuitive and can be easily applied even by a newbie who is using for the first time the Android OS.

Before starting the steps from below first ensure the following pre requisites:

  • Your computer or notebook will have to be used; there you have to download the stock firmware file.
  • On your computer the Nextbit Robin USB drivers must be installed.
  • You must be a developer on your smartphone; if not, go to “menu – settings – about phone” and tap 7 times repeatedly on Built Number until you get the ‘you are a developer’ message.
  • From “menu – settings – developer options” you must check the USB Debugging option or else you won’t be able to properly connect your smartphone with your computer.
  • The power that’s left on your handset should be more than 50%. If it’s not, your Nextbit Robin might get switched off in the middle of the unroot process; and in that case various software related problems might be issued.
  • Thus, charge your smartphone before doing anything else if that’s required.

How to easily Revoke Root Access on Nextbit Robin and go Back to Stock

  1. First, on your computer open your web browser app.
  2. Then, navigate towards this page.
  3. From there download the latest version of the Android firmware that is available for your Nextbit Robin.
  4. Save this file on desktop.
  5. Now, power off your device and enter fastboot mode: reboot by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons.
  6. Finally, connect your phone with your computer by using the USB cable.
  7. On desktop, unzip the firmware package.
  8. When done, run the .bat file and follow on screen prompts.
  9. The stock Android OS will be now re-flashed thus the root access will be revoked.

There you have it; you can anytime now unroot your Nextbit Robin and re-flash the stock Android OS. Since your phone will be somehow restored back to its default state, this tutorial can also be used as a manual troubleshoot solution through which you can try to fix the most common Android software related issues.

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