Samsung Galaxy S3 already is starting to get popular within the Android community and Chainfire, XDA Elite Recognized Developer, managed to create several root guides for the new Galaxy device, and now he did it again and he managed to create a working CF-Root tool for your device.

The new CF-Root tool will work only with GT I9300 model number and you shouldn't attempt to apply the root on devices that use a different model number. This rooting guide has been created for those SGS3 owners that wish for the phone to be as stock as possible. It should work perfectly with stock firmware of Samsung and it is one of the fastest way to root your device. You will simply need to download the CF-Root zip and the Odin application for Windows computers as this is the app we're going to use in order to successfully gain root access over your phone.

This Cf-Root version that you will use installs the SuperSU root, ClockWorkMod Recovery and the CWM Manager utility after the root process is complete. SuperSU root gives root access to applications that you have installed on your device and can only be opened on rooted devices.

CWM Recovery 5.5 version is equipped within CF-Root and you can use this one to install custom ROMs on your Galaxy S3, custom ROMs like CM9, AOKP or any other AOSP based firmware, which usually are submitted to the Xda forums. Also, CWM Recovery can be used to create nandroid backups, which means that you can create a complete backup of your entire Galaxy S3 and, in case you install a new ROM that isn't working for you then you will be able to easily return to the former working state of the previous ROM.

CWM Manager is another tool installed by the CF-Root and this one can be used to install ROMs, create and restore backups, flash updates, install new application zips etc right from your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich interface. This CF-Root doesn't include Busybox, Triangle Away, adbd insecure.

Remember that the CF-Root version listed in this article isn't working with custom kernels and it will simply root the stock kernel without changing its values. Adbd shell, adb remount, adn push and adb pull won't work with this root. Now, this is all the info you had to read to learn what will this CF-Root utility do to your Galaxy S3 and, now you have to learn how to properly configure your phone and the computer so that you'll manage to root the SGS3 from your first try. Please note that if you're a beginner when it comes to this type of tutorial then you should carefully read the entire guide and ask in comments if you cannot complete any of the listed Galaxy S3 rooting tasks.

Here's what you need to know before moving to the 'how to root SGS3' guide:

  • this CF-Root will install SuperSU, ClockWorkMod and CWM Manager with a single flash. It is recommended for you to backup the important files by moving them on your device's internal/ external sdcard.
  • enable the USB debugging mode. Do it by opening Settings, then tap Developer Settings and you will find this particular option, make sure to check it.
  • charge the phone's battery and wait until it reaches over 65% in power level so that it won't power off while you're rooting its firmware.
  • you will need to download CF-root zip and Odin application. Both files can be found in the tutorial.
  • disable the antivirus programs on both, phone and computer, systems.
  • this guide works only with Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 smartphone.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 USB Drivers have to be installed on your computer.
  • it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to root your SGS3. However, if you have trouble completing the guide then you should use the comments section to ask for help.

Please note that neither we, nor Chainfire, will be held responsible if you mess up and damage your device. You're flashing this CF-Root tool at your own risk and you should carefully apply all the actions I've listed in the tutorial guide. Below you can find two rooting guides, one that uses Odin desktop version and another one that uses Mobile Odin and works only with already rooted devices.

1. How to root the Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 device using CF-Root and Odin desktop edition:

  1. Download the file and save it on your computer's desktop. Unzip its files in a single directory. You will need only to extract files once and you should get a '.tar' file. Do not extract that one.
  2. Next, download Odin 3 v1.85. Unzip its contents. Your phone should be disconnect from your PC.
  3. Launch the Odin executable.
  4. After Odin launches, click the 'PDA' button.
  5. Browse for the 'CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar' file that you downloaded and extracted at step 1. Select it.
  6. Now, power Off your phone completely. You will need to boot into download mode.
  7. Boot in download mode by pressing and holding all these 3 buttons at the same time: Volume down, Home and Power. In case you're asked to press a specific button in order to load download mode, then do it.
  8. Connect your Galaxy S3 to your computer.
  9. Odin should display a yellow box which means that everything is set for the rooting process to start.
  10. Make sure that the 'Repartition' box is un-ticked and after that click START.
  11. Now, Odin will begin to flash the CF-Root tar file and when it completes, SuperSU root, Clockworkmod Recovery and CWM Manager have all been installed on your phone.
  12. When the root is finished you will notice the the SGS3 reboots and during this process you are free to disconnect it from your PC.

To verify that your device has been successfully rooted, you simply need to open the Android app drawer which should show the SuperSU and CWM Manager icons. That's it, now your device has been successfully rooted. If SuperSU isn't listed then your device hasn't been rooted and you should either try the second root method or repeat the entire tutorial I've listed above.

2. How to root Galaxy S3 I9300 with CF-Root and Mobile ODIN tool:

This method that needs Mobile Odin to be used, requires you to have an already rooted device. Here's how to apply CF-Root with Mobile Odin on SGS3:

  1. Download and after that extract its contents into a single folder. You should get a 'tar' extension file.
  2. Connect your phone to your PC and move the 'CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar' on your its internal sdcard.
  3. Install Mobile Odin on your Galaxy S3. If you don't know how to do it, then please check this guide here.
  4. Open Mobile Odin on your phone.
  5. Select 'Open file..' and now choose the CF Root 'tar' file. For Pro users: disable the 'EverRoot' option.
  6. Now flash the root file and wait for the process to complete.

Please note that in case you chose to flash this CF-Root along with the stock SGS3 firmware, then you will have to flash the CF-Root 'tar' file after the stock firmware. That means that the firmware's CSC from installing. Another way is to flash the full firmware the first time, EverRoot option has to be enabled, and after this action you will need to flash the CF-Root tar file after the device has restarted.

That should do it, now you've successfully rooted your SGS3 phone using CF-ROOT and Odin / Mobile Odin.

UPDATE: CF-Root download link updated to version 6.3.

UPDATE 2: CF-Root 6.4 now available for download from HERE. It brings an improved SuperSU and multiple new tweaks. It is recommended for you to use this one with newer Galaxy S3 ICS firmware releases.

Murhaf Sousli · 4 years ago

It didn't work on my i9300, I used odin desktop method

lostinportrait · 6 years ago

thanks a loads :)

john · 6 years ago

Where would I find a latest guide to Root my gt-i9300 running stock 4.0.4? Is this one a recent one?

taoufiq · 6 years ago

How long this operation can take?

Flexible_Support_Babe · 6 years ago

> How to root Galaxy S3 I9300 with CF-Root and Mobile ODIN tool:

> This method that needs Mobile Odin to be used, requires you to have an

> already rooted device

Another of MANY poorly written articles by

"How to root"... step #1 "already have a rooted device".


denggang · 6 years ago

hey, i got some problems. my phone stops at the "Samsung galaxys111 gt-19300" logo. what should i do now, any suggestions?...

batmobil · 7 years ago

Are you seriously suggesting to root your phone using software that requires root?

Alex Dumitru · 7 years ago

That's only if you want to update to a newer CF-ROOT version. You have the Pc Odin guide to root an unrooted one.

Shy_Jogging_Hottie · 6 years ago

But that is NOT what the article says.

How to root Galaxy S3 I9300 with CF-Root and Mobile ODIN tool:

This method that needs Mobile Odin to be used, requires you to have an already rooted device

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