If you have install the official stock Android 4.4 Factory Image on your Google Nexus 4 and wish to flash custom ROMs on it, then you will have to follow the guide below in order to install a custom Recovery first and root its firmware. Read the whole post and you will be able to complete the root process is under 10 minutes.

The Android 4.4 KRT16O Factory Image install guide for Google Nexus 4 can be found here.

Before starting the installation, make sure that you read the guidelines below:

  • Use this post only for the Google Nexus 4 that runs the Android 4.4 KitKat factory image.
  • The Nexus 4 has to be on an unlocked bootloader, obviously.
  • Make sure that you have the Android SDK installed on your computer. Since you've come from the KitKat installation guide, then we can safely say that your PC has the Android SDK with adb and fastboot files present.
  • Enable USB Debugging from Developer Options.
  • Check the phone's battery charge level and make sure that it is over 5o% before starting the root process.
  • For the root to be achieved, you will first need to flash the TWRP custom Recovery.
    - all the steps are found under a single how-to guide below.
  • Backup any important data files that you have stored on your device. This is only a precaution, as the root process shouldn't wipe any files from your device.
  • This post is destined to be used by more advanced users, so you shouldn't blame us in case you brick your phone or lose any data in the process.

How to flash TWRP Recovery and root Android 4.4 KRT16O for Nexus 4:

  1. Download the TWRP Recovery image file from here.
    - save the file in SDK> Platform-tools folder.
  2. Download the SuperSU root file by Chainfire from here.
    - place the zip in Platform-tools folder.
  3. Connect your phone with your PC using the USB cable.
  4. Reboot your Nexus 4 in Bootloader Mode.
    - go to Platform-tools folder under SDK, then launch Command Prompt Window there and enter 'adb reboot bootloader'
  5. Now, in order to flash TWRP Recovery you will need to enter the following command line:
    fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
  6. Wait for the TWRP Recovery to install successfully, then enter the following line to reboot your device in TWRP custom Recovery Mode:
    adb reboot recovery
  7. Next, on the TWRP Recovery main menu press on 'Advanced' option.
    - make sure that your device is still connected with your PC.
  8. Select 'ADB Sideload' option and then enter this line in the CMD window: adb sideload UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.69.zip
  9. Wait for the process to complete.
  10. Reboot your smartphone now in normal mode.
  11. Unplug the Nexus 4 from computer.
  12. Open the Google Play Store and update SuperSU.
  13. That's it, now your phone has been successfully rooted using TWRP Recovery.

These were all the steps you had to take, now you're free to start installing new custom ROMs, kernel or whatever customizations you wish to apply for your Google Nexus 4. If you have any other questions or in case you cannot complete the tutorial, then you should ask for more help in comments.

yecaw · 5 years ago

I've got 4.4.2 can I go straight to unlocking and then root or do I gotta re apply the kitkat factory image plus I've already enabled developer options. Jw, don't wanna brick, love the operating system to much

-_- · 5 years ago

.. and I'm stuck on the boot screen -____________-

Colin · 5 years ago

Great! I used this a month ago to root Kitkat, and today, I used it again (with the newer files, of course) to root 4.4.2. Very nice job!

:D · 5 years ago


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