Despite the fact that the HTC One S is not yet available for all the markets out there, some developers managed to root its system. That aroused our interest too, so during this post I will try to explain you the easiest procedure in which you can learn how to gain root access for your new One S smartphone. All you need to do is to follow a few steps where you can find info about the rooting term, its advantages and the tools you need to get in order to safely complete this operation. But we will discuss about these a little bit later.

HTC first presented its One S in February this year by giving clues about its official release date (Q2 2012). Also the specs list was presented, unveiling an appealing new handset with high end performances. The phone will be bringing a large 4.3” qHD Super AMOLED display, a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, HSPA+42 connectivity, an 8 MP camera ((1080p HD) and 1 GB of RAM memory. Above these the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS will be pre-installed along with HTC’s Sense 4.0 UI.

Furthermore, the above features can be improved and optimized as soon as you gain root access over your HTC One S device. As you can see, the root operation is not an option for you, especially when you have a high end smartphone which can be used in different ways. Basically, the root process offers extra control over the internal system and over the operating system. After completing such an operation you will be able to customize, optimize or upgrade the software. Also, you will be able to install custom recovery images, of flash custom ROMs along with unofficial OS updates. By rooting it, your device will be unchained from all those factory restrictions, its system being your new “playground”.

There are also (as usual) some negative aspects too. The most relevant one is referring to the warranty. Unfortunately, by choosing to root your HTC One S the warranty will be void. There are cases in which you can wreck something from your handset; if this happens then you will be on your own. Therefore, before starting this how to guide think twice, and if you are not sure about something, maybe it will be better to stop here.

Now, before I begin detailing the proper steps there are some things that must be completed. First you will need to have access to a Windows / Linux / MAC running computer. Of course, the phone will be needed too, along with its USB cord. In the end, do the things from the list:

  • The root operation usually puts the data stored on the device in danger. Backup all you need to in order to keep your data in safe hands. Use apps available on the Market or what else you can, but don't hesitate and backup the One S.
  • Enable the USB debugging in your HTC device. Tap on settings and then follow: “Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.
  • The power left in your device must be at least 60 % (70% recommended). If not charge your phone first.
  • Turn off, or just deactivate the security programs from the PC and from the One S. You can activate them after the process is completed. Usually, these tools are interrupting the operation and you don’t want that to happen.

That being said we can now precede to the next section of this how to guide, the one that interest you the most. Read carefully and do all as explained. Also, remember that the present tutorial is designed to work only for the One S smartphone; don’t try to apply what you find here on other devices with different version of firmware because you can wreck it.

How to Root the HTC One S

  1. First of all, you need to download the proper tools. Get the HTC One S Rooting Package from here and place it to the computer.
  2. Extract the files.
  3. From the extracted files you need to run the following programs: “adb-windows” and “fastboot-windows” (or corresponding files if you are using the MAC / Linux based computers).
  4. Turn off the phone.
  5. Reboot it by entering in bootloader mode. For doing this you must hold down (simultaneously) the Volume Down rocker key and the Power On button.
  6. After completing this, connect the smartphone with the PC by using the USB cord.
  7. From the computer, run the tool named “install-superboot-windows”. A pop up window will open.
  8. If you are on Linux, open terminal, go to the patch where you saved the files and in terminal enter the commands: chmod +x” followed by “./”.
  9. On an MAC open terminal. Then, go to the patch where you saved the files and in terminal enter the commands: “chmod +x” followed by “./”.
  10. In the end, reboot the smartphone and disconnect it from the computer by removing the USB cable.

That was the how to procedure in which you can learn how to root the HTC One S smartphone. I hope that everything went just fine; but in case you encounter problems post them in the comments area from below.

boy · 3 years ago

cmd prompt saying waiting for device

danial · 4 years ago

im stuck at 7. it said it is waiting for device. i already connected my phone but nothing happened.. help

kapilan · 4 years ago

Select fastboot on your phone while it is saying that

Rob · 4 years ago

Tried this several times. Phone still says its not rooted.

Shane · 4 years ago

I know this is a really old thread but for anyone stuck at (waiting for device) make sure that you have the latest HTC drivers installed. This can be done by installing the HTC Sync Manager software.

kapilan · 4 years ago

No just select fastboot (on your phone) while it says waiting for device.

musab · 5 years ago

no super user still

Ant Hony · 5 years ago

thx, I think it works, but he/she did leave out a step. this is the step he missed for people with windows computers. After doing numbers 5-7(phone is in bootloader mode and computer has command prompt open, which is the "install-superboot-windows") On your phone choose the option that says fastboot (for the HTC one s is was the first option.) and you should get something on the comand prompt that says it's downloading.

kapilan · 4 years ago

Mines say downloading boot image for a long time. How long does it take. Also, my phone is frozen while downloading..

mazda626 · 5 years ago

hey guys I followed the steps and the pop up box just say waiting for device and nothing else is happening I tried this abt three times

walt · 5 years ago

why don't you reply to the above complaint first; mine keeps me waiting for several minutes saying waiting for device just like someone complained above.Please help us resolve this issue.thanks

Sanusi Ololade Ayodele · 5 years ago

pleas my phone is stock at home screen i mean htc quietly brilliant pls help

Huz · 5 years ago

Has any one been successful? Please help
It doesn't do anything when it says (waiting for device)

joe · 6 years ago

on my one s with jellybean it doesn't work, maybe i've just missed some passage

Isaac · 6 years ago

will this work with android 4.1.1 jellybean on the htc one s?

anon · 6 years ago

it wont stay open for step 3 for me

Meand i · 6 years ago

my command prompt says waiting for device for like an hour

minhaz · 6 years ago

i have htc one S T-mobile , will this work for the same too?

Jared · 6 years ago

I got stuck at step 9 where you say go to the patch where you saved the files and in the terminal enter the commands : "chmod +x ..." Where is teh patch?

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