Are you trying to root your Galaxy S3 and you can’t manage to understand what to do? Or, the same happens when you are trying to learn how to install a custom recovery image, or even a custom ROM on your new high end smartphone? Well, if so, we have the perfect solution for you. In today’s step by step guide I will show you how to complete the up mentioned operations by using a one click method, suitable only for your Samsung Galaxy S3 handset.

This will be possible thanks to a new application, which can be downloaded for free, the download link being displayed below. All you will have to do in order to root, install ClockworkMod recovery, flash a custom ROM and many other into your Galaxy S3 internal system will be in downloading the tool and installing the same on a Windows running computer. Then, the user friendly interface of the program will guide you through the process you wish to complete. Your phone will be in safe hands so you have nothing to worry about, though you still have to be careful in what you are trying to install on your device through the app.

As we are dealing with a custom tool not provided by Samsung, by using the same for performing different and unofficial operations on your S3, you will lose the warranty. But this is happening if you are following a classic and complicated root tutorial too, so nothing new here. Remember to check twice before installing something in your smartphone as you can damage its system or OS. The warranty can be regained as soon as you decide to return to the stock ROM, or when you will update the S3 with an official firmware provided by Samsung. But then the root access will be revoked, so you will have deal with the factory restrictions again.

But, why to use this program; well, first of all it will offer a one click possibility for performing complex operations on your Galaxy S3. For example, rooting the smartphone can be a complicated task for those who are not used with these kinds of procedures, but now, they will not have any difficulty in completing the same. And, rooting, or installing a custom recovery image are important processes that are required before flashing a custom ROM or for applying a beta firmware, which as you know, are coming with several features that will power up the performances of your Android powered device.

As you can see, you have all the reasons for getting and installing the One Click Tool Kit. The full features list and capabilities of the up mentioned app are being displayed below, so for making a proper opinion check the same.

[caption id="attachment_6194" align="aligncenter" width="494"]One Click Tool Kit main Features One Click Tool Kit main Features[/caption]

Anyway, as usual, before starting to do something, you have to ensure that your personal data are in safe hands. Therefore, backup the Samsung Galaxy S3 data first. You can save and then easily restore the internet settings, contacts, messages, call logs, calendar info, market apps and even images and videos files. If you don’t know how to do a full and safe backup I recommend you to search through our previous guides where you can find all the details needed.

Also, before connecting your S3 with the computer for using the One Click Tool you should complete the following pre requisites. In this way you can avoid bad things from happening.

  • Charge your handset or make sure that there is more than 60% battery power left.
  • Enable the USB debugging option from your phone.
  • Deactivate the security programs that are running on your computer (do this before installing the tool too) or on your smartphone.

After that, you can safely continue your plans. Now, let’s see from where you can download the promised app and how to easily install it. Don’t expect to see many steps explained as this is a one click tutorial.

How to Root, Install ClockworkMod recovery and Flash Custom ROMs on Galaxy S3 (one click tutorial)

  1. Download the tool from here.
  2. Save it in your computer.
  3. Then run the executable file for starting the installation procedure.
  4. Follow the prompts and choose where you want to place the app (make a folder and so on).
  5. Click “next” and wait until the installation operation ends.
  6. You can then run the One Click Tool.
  7. The software might ask you to turn your Galaxy S3 into download mode or recovery mode.
  8. You can enter in download mode by rebooting and by holding the Volume down Key and Center button while powering on.
  9. The recovery mode can be reached by holding on Volume Up Key and Center button while powering on your device.

That was all. You are now having a one click method for rooting, installing a custom recovery image or flashing a custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. Test the app and see if you are satisfied by its features. Do tell us what you managed to perform by using the same and if there were problems in your way. Also, for any questions use the comments area from below and we will assist you with suitable solutions.

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