If you have a Galaxy Ace Plus smartphone and want to power up its performances, the best way to start doing so is by learning how to root its system. Furthermore, in order to take full advantage of its capabilities you will have to install a custom recovery image too, which will enable several maintenance and restoration operations on your phone. So, for completing the up mentioned processes you will have to follow this step by step guide. Don’t worry as you have it all explained and detailed in the easiest way possible, so everybody can understand what to do.

As you will see, for completing the rooting procedure we will use Odin, which is a powerful tool designed to ease our work. It can be used for several operations, like applying updates, downgrading to older versions of the operating system, install custom ROMs and of course for rooting and for flashing custom recovery images, the same as we will do today. You can download Odin from our previous tutorials, but we will talk about this a little bit later (during the proper guides, in the steps). Anyway, try to read all the lines from here, or else you can damage your Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500.

Now, you may wonder why to root your Ace Plus. Well, the reasons are quite numerous. First of all, you can’t apply an unofficial OS update on your phone unless it is rooted. The same will happen when you will try to flash a custom ROM, which is well desired especially if we consider the fact that ICS comes along with it. Then, more and more apps are requiring root access, meaning that you will not be able to install many powerful tools. And, to conclude, one you root your Galaxy Ace Plus you will also unchain its system from the factory restrictions, which leads to other benefits. As you can see, having a rooted handset is no longer an option.

The negative aspect that comes once you gain root access is referring to the warranty. Unfortunately, you will lose the warranty and the only way to re-gain it is by re-locking the bootloader or by downgrading to the official version of the Android platform. Anyway, don’t worry as it is improbable to brick your phone, especially if you are following a how to guide like this one. Then, for being precautious you should backup the data stored on your Ace Plus. For achieving this you can use our tips:

Furthermore, for being able to root and to install a custom recovery image on your Ace, you must take care of the following pre requisites:

  • Enable USB debugging on your smartphone: “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.
  • Charge the same.
  • Uninstall any of the antivirus tools from your computer and from your phone.
  • Make sure that you are following this step by step guide only for a Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus model number S7500.

After reading and completing the up mentioned lines you can be sure that nothing bad is going to happen. So, this means only one thing: you can start gaining root access for your handset.

How to Root and Install Custom Recovery Image on Galaxy Ace Plus S7500

  1. Of course you need to use your computer for saving the files required.
  2. So, download Odin, the rooting tar file (download link here) and the Root Me Zip package from here.
  3. Extract and install Odin.
  4. Open Odin.
  5. Connect the phone with the PC via its USB cord.
  6. Place the Root Me Zip file in your phone’s SD Card.
  7. Disconnect it by removing the cable.
  8. Reboot and enter in recovery mode by holding on Volume Up Key and OK button while pressing on the Power button.
  9. In recovery mode select “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card” and pick the file placed before.
  10. In the end select “reboot system now” and enter your handset in download mode.
  11. Connect it again with the computer.
  12. On Odin the ID:COM section will be turning yellow.
  13. Click on “PDA” and select the tar file downloaded before.
  14. Click on “Start”.
  15. When the home screen appears on your device you can disconnect it from the computer.
  16. Close Odin as we are done.

So, there you have it, that was the how to procedure in which you could learn how to root and install a custom recovery image on your Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 smartphone. We were able to do the same thanks to those of xda-developers as they were the first to come with this solution. Tell us if there were issues, of if you had problems while trying to use Odin. We will try to do our best in order to help you out.

Romel Alviar Belen · 4 years ago

it can not boot into recovery even though i allready flasn the recovery using odin. what will i do?

jelly bean · 6 years ago

When galaxy ace plus will get an android jelly bean upgrade ??

augusto martins · 6 years ago

Eu tenho galaxy s plus e tenho o Android 4.0.4 mas não consigo fazer nada com o telemóvel e quero de volta o Android 2.3.6 mais não consigo fazer o download PK eles pedem pra criar uma conta no hotfile eeu não estou a conseguir por favor alguém dame uma ajuda

chea · 6 years ago

Please help I can't enter recover mode and what wrong with yellow triangle I just can enter only download mode

Romel Alviar Belen · 4 years ago

we have thesame problem, after trying to flash its recovery the triangle exist...

FTB · 6 years ago

hey the tar file thingy says

Invalid Attachment specified. This can happen for a variety of reasons-- most likely because the thread or post you are trying to view has been moved or deleted. Please return to theforum home and browse for another similiar post.

Shuvodip · 6 years ago

Can you please help me? I came across your tutorial and that's why I am asking.
I had rooted my phone a few days ago. One of my friends, while 'experimenting', went to factory reset and ticked 'Format USB Storage'. Since then, the phone has been starting only in the recovery mode, and not going further. What can be the possible solution? Please help..This cell is actually not even 2 months old!

Chankey Pathak · 7 years ago

my phone samsung galaxy ace plus s7500 got stuck in recovery mode unable to boot normally, first i rooted my device using odin3 n didn’t installed any Rom or kernel, then by mistake i disabled usb debugging, checked for software updates in settings i got some updates, downloaded it after reboot my phone doesn’t start normally always goes into recovery mode without pressing vol + home power button, i thought to root once again but i couldn’t install any zip file —> installation aborted error. i tried to rename the zip file as update.zip but even then the same error (file was update.zip not update.zip.zip) plz provide the solution i want my phone to funtion normally, any help will be grealty appreciated.
Thank you

Mukul Sharma · 3 years ago

I am also facing the same problem. Is there any solution to this issue?

Julius · 7 years ago

Rebooting in Recovery Mode does not show the option for "install from zip file". Is it something to do with the actual firmware loaded?

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