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How to Root LG Optimus 3D Max

If you own an LG Optimus 3D Max handset and want to update it with a Jelly Bean 4.1, or 4.1.2 based custom ROM firmware, then you must first root its system. Fortunately for you, now you can easily perform the same, as a suitable step by step guide is now available. Therefore, during the next few lines we will be checking in how to root the LG Optimus 3D Max that runs on any firmware, so you have all the reasons for completing this tutorial.

Now, the first thing you should know when you are starting a root procedure, is that by performing the operation you will void the warranty of your phone. The same will apply for your Optimus 3D Max, so first of all be careful in what you do and try not to mess things up. Also, if you are not used with this type of risky tasks, maybe it will be better to stop going further. Anyway, you should also know that the warranty can be easily restored as soon as you downgrade to the stock ROM, or as soon as you update your phone with an official OS provided by LG.

Now, as we have seen why not to root the LG Optimus 3D Max, let’s see which the advantages that come with a rooted system are. Well, first of all, after unchaining the system you will be able to install apps that require root access, make changes into the internal system, install custom ROMs and beta firmware, flash a custom recovery image and more. In a few words you will be able to power up the performances of your smartphone as you will have full access to its internal system. So, we can conclude that gaining root access is no longer an option for you.

As we are dealing with a complex and risky operation, it is recommended to first backup the data of your 3D Max. It’s unlikely for the data to be wiped out, but why to risk in losing your personal info? However, you should search through our how to section for suitable backup and restore guides. You will find there the best way in which you can save the contacts, the messages, the call logs and almost everything else from your smartphone. Then, resume the next lines and complete the pre requisites explained below.

In order to properly root the LG Optimus 3D Max on any firmware, you must first make sure that you can use a Windows running computer with internet connection enabled. On the same and on your phone uninstall the security programs, like antivirus, or Firewall protection, because these tools can interfere with our work. The USB debugging option must be enabled on your handset and its battery should be charged before starting the steps; else the phone might get turned off in the middle of the operation. You shouldn’t apply this tutorial for similar devices with the Optimus 3D Max, model number P720 because you will brick your phone.

How to Root LG Optimus 3D Max on any firmware

  1. On your PC, go here and download the root package for your 3D Max.
  2. Also, download the “IS11LG_SystemBackupTest.signed.apk” tool from here (save it also on your computer).
  3. Up next, connect the phone with the computer via its USB cord.
  4. Copy the “IS11LG_SystemBackupTest.signed.apk” app on your handset (on its internal storage memory).
  5. Disconnect the handset from the PC.
  6. Now, install the downloaded and copied app by run it.
  7. Then, open the tool and reboot the device by holding down the “power” button.
  8. A boot loop might get reached, but don’t worry as this is a normal thing to happen.
  9. Wait for the LG loge to be displayed.
  10. After the LG logo appears, wait 5 minutes and then press the “power” button again.
  11. Now, connect the phone with the PC again.
  12. On the computer open the O3DM Rooting Kit folder and from there run the “root.bat” executable file.
  13. Press “enter”.
  14. Wait until your handset gets rooted; in the end it should reboot automatically.
  15. Unplug the USB cord and go to Google Play from where you must download the “Super User” tool.
  16. Also download the “Root Checker” app for checking whether your device was successfully rooted or not.

Congratulations, you have finally learned how to root the LG Optimus 3D Max on any firmware. Your phone is now prepared for other complex operations, such as updating with a custom ROM firmware. We will bring suitable guides for your device, so stay close or subscribe for receiving our latest posts. Also, feel free and share your opinions and thoughts related to the above explained tutorial with us and with other users as well.

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