The unlocked version of the LG V20, with model number US996, can be now easily rooted thanks to those of xda-developers who managed to port the TWRP recovery software and the SuperSU package for this particular model of the LG V20. Therefore, if you choose to read and follow this dedicated step by step guide you can learn how to perform two custom operations which are related one with the other: how to install TWRP recovery and how to gain root access on the LG V20 US996.

TWRP recovery is the core center from where you can access and modify the built-in Android system that powers your LG V20. TWRP recovery will replace the stock recovery image through which you can apply only official operations. So, by using a custom recovery software instead, you will be able to tweak your Android device and flashing a root exploit should be the first operation to completed. Therefore, by using the TWRP recovery environment you will be able to flash the SuperSU .zip root package.

Of course, after gaining root access you can use the TWRP recovery menu for applying further tweaking procedures on your LG V20 – such as installing custom MODs and ROMs (like CyanogenMod, AOKP or ParanoidAndroid), remove bloatware and start-up programs, add custom kernels, make Nandroid backups, get features and apps that cannot be found on the stock Android system and which can be downloaded from other sources from Google Play, overclock or undervolt the LG V20 and so on.

The root access must be ensured if you want to unlock the Android core system that runs on your LG V20 US996. With root applied all the factory and default restrictions will be removed. That’s why, starting from now you can unleash the full potential of your smartphone. However, you should perform these operations only if you are an experienced user who knows exactly which are the risks implied.

Yes, there are some risks that must be considered. You see, both processes aren’t official ones – you cannot associate the TWRP recovery and the SuperSU files with Google or with your OEM. These files are developed by third party devs so basically you are about to complete unofficial operations. And that’s why the warranty of your LG V20 will get void if you will resume the guidelines from down below – unfortunately this aspect can’t be avoided. And since the warranty is lost you won’t be able to reclaim it even if you will have to take your smartphone back to service situation in which you will most likely have to pay for the technical assistance.

You can install TWRP recovery and root your LG V20 US996 only if you first unlock the bootloader of your phone. So, take care of that process first and then return here and resume the rest of the guidelines from below.

Backup your phone as your personal data, info, accounts and files might get corrupted or wiped out during the steps from this tutorial. That’s why you should use your favorite backup and restore solutions (like syncing your files with the Google Account, using built-in cloud storage platforms or downloading backup and restore tools from Google Play) in order to save everything that you might use afterwards – including system files such as the Internet settings, the EFS folder or the IMEI / NVRAM data.

For both processes you will need to use a computer – the TWRP recovery file and the SuperSU root exploit must be downloaded there first. Your LG V20 and the phone’s USB cable will be required too. On your smartphone, from “menu -> settings -> developer options” check the USB Debugging option – note, if Developer Options aren’t enabled, you first have to go to Menu -> Settings -> About Phone from where you have to tap repeatedly on Built Number until you see the ‘you are a developer’ prompt displayed.

Make sure you charge your phone if it runs out of power – at least 60% power should be ensured or else your LG V20 can get turned off while you try to complete the operations from below. If you skip this process you risk in soft bricking your handset – various software related problems can be caused if your phone gets suddenly switched off.

The TWRP recovery file and the SuperSU root package from below are compatible only for the unlocked model of the LG V20 with version number US996. Try not to mess things up and don’t use this guide on any other Android based smartphone or tablet.

How to Easily Root The LG V20 US996

Install TWRP recovery

  1. On your computer, preferable on desktop, download the TWRP recovery package – you can get the file by using this link.
  2. Also, install Android SDK – learn how to install Android SDK on Windows or how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux; moreover, install the LG V20 USB drivers before doing anything else.
  3. Power on your smartphone and then connect your device with your computer with the help of the USB cord.
  4. Access the Android SDK folder and from there open a cmd window: press and hold the Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space.
  5. In the cmd window type: “adb reboot bootloader”. The bootloader mode will be brought on your handset.
  6. Next, in the cmd window enter: “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img”.
  7. When done, don’t hesitate and resume the guidelines from below in order to ensure root access too.

Flash SuperSU

  1. After installing TWRP recovery, on your computer download the SuperSU package - from here.
  2. Save this file on desktop.
  3. Then, connect your device with your computer with the help of the USB cable and transfer the downloaded file on your phone.
  4. Unplug the USB cable and power off your smartphone.
  5. Reboot recovery mode on your LG V20.
  6. From recovery tap on Install and load the SuperSU package.
  7. Swipe in order to begin the flashing process and wait.
  8. When done, go back to main menu of recovery and pick “Reboot system now”.

If during the steps from above a boot loop is caused you have to go back to recovery from where you must clear app data cache and make a hard reset by choosing “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.

That’s all. Congratulations, you managed to install TWRP recovery and gain root access on your Unlocked LG V20 US996. You can now start other dedicated tweaking operations so enjoy and don’t forget to share how things worked for you by using the comments field from down below.

guest · 1 year ago

doesnt work, results in no command

Jonathan Cormier · 1 year ago

Same, after 'adb reboot recovery', boots into screen with ! Android guy and words "No Command". Have to pull battery to reboot into Android.

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