The Motorola Droid RAZR on Android 4.0.4 ICS can now be rooted and this is the guide you should use. This tutorial works with RAZR XT 910, CDMA and GSM and with ICS Brazil, China and maybe with some other versions, but I strongly recommend you to only try it with those model numbers and Android OS. Make sure to read the entire guide and you should try to root your Droid RAZR only if you're an advanced Android user, as this guide might be too hard to follow by beginners.

This rooting guide was possible only because 'hacker812c', an xda senior member, managed to compile two working tutorials and all the credit should go to him.

Before starting the root process you should read the tutorial guide and learn how to properly prepare your device and your PC, so that everything will go accordingly to plan and you will manage to root your Droid RAZR phone at your first attempt. There are guides that you can choose from, one is automatic, while the other one is a manual method. Here's what you need to know before starting to read the RAZR ICS 4.0.4 :

  • it can be applied on Motorola Droid RAZR ICS 4.0.4 CDMA and GSM editions. Also, for ICS Brazil and other ICS leaked versions, ICS China with Android 4.0.3 and 4.0.4.
  • backup all the data currently stored on your device by moving it on your computer. After the root is complete, and if something went wrong and you lost files, then you can use the ones you've placed on your PC. Also, you can try to move them on your phone's internal sdcard.
  • if you want to backup installed applications, SMS text messages, Call logs info and APN settings, then you should know that you can use these small Android tools: AppBak for applications |  SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore | APN Backup & Restore.
  • If you wish to sync your contacts with Gmail then this is the guide you have to use: How to sync phone contact numbers with your Gmail account.
  • Verify the USB computer connection and if it is 'mass storage', then you will have to change it to 'media device'.
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your Droid RAZR device.
  • Charge the phone battery so that it won't discharge during the root process.
  • Make sure that your computer has the Motorola USB drivers installed. If not, then you should visit Motorola's smartphone web page and install them.

These is all the extra info you had to read and now it means that you can move to the tutorial guides and learn how to root your Droid RAZR device. Below you can find two guide, an automatic one and a manual one. First we will begin with the automatic root guide and if you cannot apply it, then you can give a try to the manual guide. Please note that we cannot be held responsible if you brick the phone or if your stored files will be corrupted or something else happens during the root process.

How to root Droid RAZR ICS 4.0.4 (Automatic Method): 

  1. Download the root exploit /script  files from here.
  2. Extract the exploit files in a single directory.
  3. If the Motorola Drivers have been installed, and the 'debug mode' and 'media device' options have been enabled, then you can connect the Droid RAZR phone to your PC.
  4. Run 'adb.exe' and wait until the root is complete.
  5. If the root process has been completed, you should check your phone's app drawer to see if SuperSU icon is listed and if it is, then your device has been successfully rooted.

In case this method didn't work then you should try to use the manual instructions listed under the second rooting method.

How to root Droid RAZR ICS 4.0.4 (Manual tutorial guide):

1.Download these files and save them on your PC: Su (download link) and debugfs (download link).

2.Now, connect your device to your PC and move both SU and Debugfs files on its internal sdcard.

3.Open command prompt in Windows or the terminal in Linux computers. Every command line has to be entered after the # symbol:

  • adb shell
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /sdcard
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cp su /data/local/12m/
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cp debugfs /data/local/12m/
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /data/local/12m
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # chmod 755 su
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # chmod 755 debugfs
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # mv batch batch.bak
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # ln -s /dev/block/mmcblk1p20 batch
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # exit
  • adb reboot
  1. After the device reboots enter the following command lines:
  • adb wait-for-device shell
- After the Adb shell is loaded you will have to enter these lines:
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /data/local/12m
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # rm batch
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # mv batch.bak batch
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # /data/local/12m/debugfs -w /dev/block/mmcblk1p20
- When you're at the 'debugfs' commands prompt you will need to enter the following code lines:
  • debugfs: # cd xbin
  • debugfs: # write /data/local/12m/su su
  • debugfs: # set_inode_field su mode 0104755
  • debugfs: # set_inode_field su uid 0
  • debugfs: # set_inode_field su gid 0
  • debugfs: # quit
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /data/local/12m
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # rm su
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # rm debugfs
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # reboot
  • shell@cdma_maserati:/ # exit
  • adb reboot

5.After all the above commands have been entered you will need to open Google Play Store and install 'superuser' application.

6.Now you need to install OTA ROOT keeper and backup the ROOT. Google Play Store installation link.

7.Install the ROOT Checker Basic and test the ROOT access. Google Play Store download link. That's it. Now your Droid RAZR Android 4.0.4 ICS should be rooted.

In case the root wasn't applied, then you should restart the phone and after that you have to repeat the entire tutorial guide. Run all the commands and do not reboot, just run the command lines once again. Reboot only after you've entered all code lines.

That's all the info I had for you, now you're free to use the comments section to ask for our help. I hope that you've managed to successfully root your Motorola Droid RAZR that runs on the latest ICS 4.0.4 firmware. Remember that this guide woks for CDMA and GSM devices. Also, it might work with some other leaked ICS builds.

D · 6 years ago

OK, so the file you should google for is:

And there is a MISTAKE in the tutorial, you should run EasyRootICS_Windows.bat not the adb.exe

D · 6 years ago

Dead link

bass · 6 years ago

how to put my sim card insight the phone

anon · 6 years ago

download link still not working. says the file's been deleted. where can i get the root exploit /script files for the automatic method????

john · 6 years ago

this will be my second razr im rooting. last one crashed after stuck in bootloop. couldnt fix it, i didnt have a back up rom.. hope it goes better this time..

nick · 6 years ago

download link not working no more

rudolf · 7 years ago

Do U have tutorial tu make signal EVDO appear ? my device not shown EVDO signal :(

rudolf · 7 years ago

Thanks much bro, it works on my RAZR XT912 ICS 4.0.4

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