The Motorola Droid XYBoard 10.1 was launched in the last part of 2011 and now we have a brand new guide that will help you root its Android OS. Make sure to read all the info and instructions listed here, otherwise you might end up damaging your device. There are tons of different custom ROMs that you can use to root your device, but the tutorial you will find here is extremely easy to follow and you can install a new customized ROM on your Xyboard 10.1 in just one click.

Droid Xyboard 10.1 has been successfully rooted by the Dan Rosenberg that is also known as developer 'djrbliss'. In order to correctly apply all the changes and root your device you need to be familiar with rooting and what such term implies. If you're a beginner then you should ask someone for help or you can post questions in our comments section to learn more easily how to complete the tutorial guide without risking any damage. Before we can move to the first step of the 'how-to root guide' you need to learn what actions and what software you need to use. Here's the pre-requisites list:

  • Download the One Click rooting bundle  by clicking the links that correspond to your OS - Windows link / Linux - OSX link.
  • If you're using a Windows PC then you need to install the Motorola device drivers that can be downloaded by clicking this link.
  • Make sure to backup all the data you have currently stored on your Xyboard 10.1, so that you won't lose any important pictures, videos, music etc.
  • Charge device's battery up to at least 75% so that it won't discharge in the middle rooting process.
  • Disable and remove all system's anti-malware/ anti-virus / firewall applications so that these won't interfere while you're applying the changes.
  • The USB Debugging mode needs to be activated and in order to do that, you need to open Settings, then Applications where you select Development and then tick the option that says 'USB debugging'.

Now that you know what requirements you need, we can move to the first step of the tutorial guide.

  1.  Download the root pack for Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1 using the links above and then extract its contents in a single folder on your system.
  2. Connect your Xyboard to your PC / Mac via USB cable.
  3. Now open the terminal / command prompt and change the directory to the one where you've extracted the zip contents.
  4. Now you need to enter the following command in command prompt / terminal window:
  • If you're using Windows enter this command: run.bat
  • For Linux or Mac OSX use this command:
  • Hit the Enter key and your system will start to root your Motorola Xyboard 10.1 to the new custom ROM.
  • When the rooting process has been completed, your device should restart and then boot into new ROM. That was easy, right? However, in case something went wrong then you should tell us in comments and we will try to help you complete the entire tutorial guide or, you can choose to repeat all the steps listed above as you might've skipped a step during the rooting process.

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