After we have showed you how to unlock and then relock (in case you need to restore the warranty of your device) the Google Nexus 10 bootloader, now I will be teaching you in how to easily root your Android based tablet. This will be an intuitive tutorial, as you will have to apply the one click method for rooting your Samsung Nexus 10 handset, therefore you have nothing to worry about because the process can be easily performed and also completing this guide will only take a couple of minutes from your time.

Now, the root operation is extremely important especially for those who want to use their tablets on another level. Basically, by gaining root access, you will unchain the system of your Nexus 10 from the annoying factory restrictions. Therefore, once the root is granted you will have access to the OS, to the internal files of your device and basically you will be able to improve and update the performances of the same. That’s why, on a rooted OS, you will be able to install custom recovery images (like CWM recovery), complex apps and why not even update the Google Nexus 10 with custom ROMs firmware.

As mentioned, you will be making changes into the internal system of your Nexus tablet. This means only one thing: as soon as you start the root procedure the warranty will get void. Unfortunately, this aspect can’t be avoided. You shouldn’t worry though because the warranty can be easily restored as soon as you downgrade to the stock ROM, or update with an official software provided by Samsung and Google and suitable with your Google Nexus 10. Then, of course the bootloader will be relocked and the root access revoked, but at least you will have the warranty back.

This tutorial was first developed and tested by those of xda-developers, so we have them to thanks for this opportunity. Now, in order to use and apply the one click root method for your Nexus 10, you will first have to unlock the bootloader of your device; for doing that you can use our suitable guide (use the link from the introduction) from where you can learn everything about the mentioned operation. Be aware as by unlocking the bootloader the data which is being stored on your tablet might get wiped out, therefore before going any further with the present tutorial, backup your personal info.

As a final tip, for completing a full and safe backup I recommend you to use our backup and restore step by step guides. You can search for the same through our how to section or you can use the list from below:

  • If CWM recovery is being installed on the Google Nexus 10 you can backup the current ROM, or perform a Nandroid backup.
  • You can download SMS backup and restore tools for Android for saving the text messages.
  • You can sync with Google for saving the contacts list.
  • You can save the Internet settings and the EFS.
  • Or use a computer for saving files like images or videos.

For the one click root operation which is being explained below, a Windows running computer with Internet connection will be required. Also, you should have the Nexus 10 tablet and its USB cord near you. For avoiding the unpleasant situations, on both PC and device deactivate the security tools first and charge the battery of your handset or else the tablet might get turned off in the middle of the procedure. Also, apply the next steps only if you own the Samsung Nexus 10 device because the present one click root solution works only for the mentioned tablet. If you try to root similar Android based handsets by using this guide you can end up in bricking your beloved tablet or smartphone.

How to Root Nexus 10 using One-Click method

  1. First of all, remember to unlock the bootloader and backup the data of your Nexus 10.
  2. Then, on your computer download the required tools and files.
  3. Start by downloading the Android SDK from here.
  4. Also, get the Superboot app by using the link from here.
  5. Extract Superboot on your computer.
  6. Turn off the tablet and then reboot in fastboot mode.
  7. For reaching the fastboot mode on your Google Nexus 10 press and hold the Volume Up, Volume Down, Power buttons together.
  8. Up next, take the USB cord and use it for connecting the device with the computer.
  9. The proper drivers will now be installed.
  10. Then, go on the folder where you have extracted the Superboot tool and from there click on the superboot-windows file for starting the root procedure.
  11. Just wait until the process ends and don’t press anything else.
  12. In the end, the device should reboot automatically. You can safely unplug the USB cord.

Congratulations you have succeeded in rooting your Nexus 10 tablet. That was all for today, so our job here is over. If there were problems while trying to apply one of the above explained steps, use the comments area from below and share the issues with us so that we can help you out.

John Rose · 4 years ago

No longer works.

Ben Charandabi · 4 years ago

Hi. I don't know what I am doing wrong but I cannot get it to work. As soon as I run the superboot-windows file, it restarts and fastboot screen shows up saying: Fastboot Status - OKAY highlighted in yellow and nothing else happens...please let me know what I need to do.

Egster · 5 years ago

Not really "one-click"

Kristin Morrill · 5 years ago

I have a BOSE CD wave radio and BOSE Soundlink. I bought a OSB OTG adaptor and tried to use Pandora with my Samsung tablet I cannot get it to work. Is rooting something I must do? Or is it another fix?

sunil · 6 years ago

how to increase the internal memory of samsung galaxy y s5360 2.3.6 after rooting from the application that you have suggested. kindly provide the feasable solution.

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