Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S3 is not that hard and this guide is its owners to learn how to do it without too much work. Also, your SGS3 should have the CWM Recovery software installed.

If you wish to learn how to root Samsung Galaxy S3 you will need to be an advanced user of Android devices and that you've used CWM Recovery and SuperSU utilities before. Make sure to read the entire post and if you hit roadblocks then you should ask for help in comments.

CWM Recovery should be installed on your SGS3 and only after that you will be able to root it. Rooting the Galaxy S3 is easy and you do it by downloading a simple SuperSU zip file and then flashing it in recovery. Make sure that you know your way around recovery mode and that you've used such software in the past.

In case you cannot complete this guide, then you should use the comments section and I will help you apply the changes I've listed in this article. Also, make sure to read all the info listed in our Galaxy S3 device section as I'm sure that you'll learn a ton of other SGS3 tricks on how to enhance its capabilities.

This root will give you support for accessing sub system files along with the possibility to install new custom ROMs to improve the overall performances of your Galaxy S3. As you might know the SGS3 has been already pre-rooted before its release and now Chainfire, XDA Elite Recognized Developer, managed to create a new method for you to succesfully root your newly arrived Galaxy S3 device. Here's how to do it:

  1. Download the CWM-SuperSU .zip file and save it on your computer.
  2. Move the SuperSU zip on your phone's internal or external sdcard.
  3. Now, disconnect the device from your computer and power it off.
  4. Boot into CWM Recovery by pressing 'volume up' + 'home' + 'power' buttons. Note that you have to release power button after 1 second but you should still keep the other buttons pressed until your phone boots into recovery mode.
  5. Now, select 'install zip from sdcard'.
  6. Next, select 'choose zip from internal sd card' or 'choose zip from sdcard'. This depends on the location where you've placed the SuperSU zip file.
  7. Find the SuperSU zip file and confirm that you want to install it.
  8. After the installation is complete, select 'reboot system now' and your phone will boot into Android ICS.

Now that you've successfully rooted your Galaxy S3 it means that from now on you can install new custom ROM firmware. We will try to post all the best custom ROM installation guides on our website, so make sure to return here and learn of new way on how to improve your Android Ice Cream Sandwich experience.

Vince · 1 year ago

file signature check error

Vince · 1 year ago

update CMW and it's fine

Gootube2000 · 4 years ago

I'd kinda like to have that file... It just seemed like an important part of this tutorial.

anjaan · 4 years ago

my cmw is not opening

Uzzi · 4 years ago

I am not an advanced user so wish me luck at attempting this.

Vinay Gandhi · 5 years ago

I went into the recovery mode but there wasn't an option for me to install zip from sdcard. pls help!!! Thanks

MKameh · 6 years ago

I did everything right but when i want to enter recovery mode, it doesn't happen... I'm stuck in the "Samsung Galaxy SIII" logo but there's a tiny red exclamation point on the top left of the screen... plz plz help

jenslarsen · 6 years ago

File deleted or moved ??????

muffinnzz · 6 years ago

Hey I hope you can help me. I rooted my s3 bell version. But it didn't give me cwm I am rooted and have super user

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