Even though the Sony Xperia Play had become a mid-range smartphone with no relevant performances to impress the audience, its PSP capabilities might still be appealing for some of us. Furthermore, there are still many Android users who own this device, so just for them during the following lines we will be checking on how to root the Xperia Play on Gingerbread or ICS. Therefore, now you will be able to free your device by unchaining the internal system and the OS, meaning that you can start looking forward in improving the performances of your Play, but more about this a little bit later.

For now, it should be clear for you that the present step by step guide is being compatible only with the Sony Xperia Play that is featuring the Android Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich platforms. Also, by completing this tutorial you will actually use a one-click root solution, which means that the steps from below can be easily performed and applied on your Xperia Play. But before starting the root procedure, the best will be to prepare your phone for the mentioned operation, or else you will risk in bricking your smartphone while trying to root its system.

By gaining root access you should understand that all of the security and factory restrictions and settings will be removed. Therefore you will gain access to the internal system of your Xperia Play, which means that you will be able to remove in built programs, change the settings, perform optimization and customization operations, install new tools and complex apps that requires root access in order to work properly, update the system with custom ROMs and a lot more. Basically, the root operation is the first step that must be applied by those who are looking forward in upgrading the performances and capabilities of their devices.

Unfortunately, due to the up-mentioned aspects, by completing a root operation you will void the Sony Xperia Play warranty. The present method is an unofficial one that has nothing to do with Sony; that’s why you should be careful in what you do, because if you somehow mess things up and end up in damaging or bricking your Xperia Play, you will be by yourselves. Anyway, as a final tip related to the warranty, you should know that you can easily restore the same; all you have to do is to downgrade your Play to stock / official Gingerbread or ICS, or why not to perform an un-root operation.

As mentioned above, before starting to root your Xperia Play by using the present one-click root method, you need to prepare your device for the operation that will follow. In order to make things right, you will have to read and apply the next list of tasks. These are the pre requisites so you shouldn’t skip the same.

  • First, remember that this guide is compatible only with the Sony Xperia Play that runs on Gingerbread or ICS; don’t use this method if you own a similar device.
  • Also, don’t forget that the warranty will get void.
  • Then, before going any further, complete a backup operation and save your text messages, call logs, internet settings, calendar info, contacts list, market apps and everything else you might need because in the end, you might notice that all of your personal info have been wiped out.
  • You will need to use a Windows running computer with Internet connection enabled; you will save and run the root tool on the same.
  • Of course, the Xperia Play and its USB cable should also be there.
  • Deactivate all the security tools that are being running on your computer and handset (antivirus and Firewall protection included); these programs are usually interfering with the root process.
  • On the computer the Android SDK / ADB should be installed; if you don't know how to install the tool, then use our suitable guides for learning how to install ADB on Windows, or how to install ADB on MAC / Linux.
  • It will be a good idea to check the battery status of your phone before starting to apply the next steps; if you notice that there is less than 60% power left you should pug in the charger; else you can skip this task.

How to Root Sony Xperia Play on Gingerbread

  1. On your computer download the root file from here.
  2. Then, extract the same on the desktop.
  3. On your phone go to “Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” and enable the USB debugging option.
  4. Also, go to “Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources” and turn on the Unknown sources option.
  5. You can connect your Play with the computer now; use the USB cable.
  6. On your computer run the “runne.bat” executable file.
  7. Follow the on screen prompts.
  8. Done.

How to Root Sony Xperia Play on ICS

  1. Use the link from here and download the root file.
  2. Save the same on your computer.
  3. Then, you need to extract the downloaded file on the desktop.
  4. Enable the USB debugging option on your device; you can do the same by heading to “Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.
  5. Furthermore, from “Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources” turn on the unknown sources section.
  6. Then, you can safely use the USB cable and connect the smartphone with the computer.
  7. On your PC double click on “runne.bat”.
  8. The root program will be displayed.
  9. Follow the on screen prompts.
  10. Your device will be rooted; in the end remove the USB cable and reboot your phone.

That was all guys; now you know how to root the Sony Xperia Play on Gingerbread and ICS by suing a one click root solution. The above explained steps have been first developed by those of xda-developers so we have them to thanks for the present step by step guide. Now, if you want an alternative to this tutorial, then you can use our general root guide that can be applied on almost all the Android based devices. Don’t forget to use the comments area from below for sharing your thoughts and impressions with us and with other users who might want to use this tutorial for rooting their Xperia Play smartphones.

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