Usually the root operations are only compatible with devices that come with an unlocked bootloader; but, what to do if there is no method that can be applied for unlocking the bootloader of your Android device? Well, in that case you should find a root procedure that can work on both locked and unlocked bootloader handsets. Fortunately, there is such a method for the Sony Xperia Tablet Z users, so if you need to root your Jelly Bean based tablet, use this step by step guide.

The best is that this tutorial offers a one click root solution that can be easily applied for your Xperia Tablet Z, so completing this guide should only take you a couple of minutes. Anyway, before heading to the root procedure, make sure you read all the lines from below. As you know the root operation isn’t official so you should be careful when dealing with such methods.

Rooting means that you will unchain the system of your device; all the factory and default restrictions will be removed which means that you will gain access to the OS and internal system of your Xperia Tablet Z. So, after rooting, you will be able to upgrade the battery life, improve the speeds, update with custom ROMs, flashing custom recovery images and a lot more. The root access should be gained by those who are looking forward in tweaking their Tablet Z gadgets.

Be careful while rooting your tablet as the warranty will get void. This is the only negative aspect that’s related to the present operation, though on rooted systems you can’t receive or apply OTA updates. The official updates will have to be manually installed. Anyway, the warranty can be restored if you downgrade your Sony Xperia Tablet Z to stock Jelly Bean OS, or if you update your handset with an official Android software – hopefully soon the Android 4.3 firmware will be rolled out by Sony.

It’s important to prepare your tablet for the root operation, as in this way you will be able to avoid the unpleasant situations that might happen. Take a look and complete the tasks from the next list.

  • Backup the Xperia Tablet Z data. Your personal saves might get corrupted so it is more than recommended to save everything that’s important for you, including market apps, contacts list, call logs, calendar info and so on. Don’t worry, the backup can be easily applied, all you have to do is to use free distributed backup and restore apps from Google Play Store.
  • A computer is being required – you need to access a PC because you will have to download, unzip and run the one click root tool on the same.
  • Since the one click root app will be installed on the computer, you will have to connect your tablet with the PC.
  • So, the USB cable must be near you.
  • Furthermore, for properly connecting your Xperia Tablet Z with the computer, on your handset enable the USB debugging option from path “Settings -> More -> Development Options -> USB debugging”.
  • Go to “Settings -> Security” and enable the “unknown sources” options.
  • Another thing to ensure is related to the battery life: there should be more than 60% power left; else plug in the charger as your device might get turned off while you will try to root its system.
  • Finally, on both computer and tablet there shouldn’t be any security tools installed. If different deactivate the security protection from your devices.

Good job. Now your Sony Xperia Tablet Z is prepared for the root operation. Remember that this is an unofficial procedure which will make you lose the warranty of your device. Furthermore, don’t apply this guide unless you own the Tablet Z handset – else you can brick your Android based device.

How to easily Root Sony Xperia Tablet Z using one-click root solution (compatible with both locked and unlocked bootloader)

  1. From here, download the root package.
  2. Save the file on your computer.
  3. Then, extract / unzip the package on desktop.
  4. Take your tablet and connect it with the computer by using the USB cord.
  5. Navigate to the root folder which should be there on desktop.
  6. From the mentioned folder run the “runme_win.bat” executable file.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts and press on any key for starting the root process.
  8. Wait while your handset is being rooted.
  9. Your tablet will reboot by itself in the end.
  10. Unplug the USB cable as you are done.

Congratulations you have successfully rooted your Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Now you can perform other operations on your device like: installing CWM recovery, flashing a custom kernel, updating with a custom ROM, removing the bloatware or overclocking / underclocking. For suitable tutorials stay close as we will update you with new guides as soon as possible.

If you have something to share with us, use the comments area from below. Also, if you have encountered problems while completing the up mentioned steps, use our dedicated step by step guide and learn how to resolve the most common Android issues.

Tooooor · 4 years ago

Too Bad noone Ausweis.. Got an sgp321 lte Xperia tablet z with 4.4.4 but it seems like u cant patch with 4.x.y.... Seems to have To be some version earlier

hans westfal-larsen · 4 years ago

I have also an LTE , 4.3 and getting no further than MontyMaverick before me. i do notice that this question have gone unanswered for 4 mnths . i will reset my LTE immidiately as I get a feeling of leaving my front door unlocked during a garage sale

montymaverick · 4 years ago

I have an LTE with the latest 4.4.2 update & when I try this method i get:
--waiting for device
adb server is out of date. killing...
*daemon started successfully*

That's it. it just stops

sun energy · 5 years ago

Once the original software is updated,,the developers option
Disappears,,and is not where your pointed too
You must go to About tablet,,,and click 7 times to reveal
Developers options

And i would like to know if any have installed ubuntu puppy linux 5.28 or similar light weight versions

bluesky2005dr · 5 years ago

Hi , can i root lte version with this method,my tablet is sgp321

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