The Xperia ZR had just been released by Sony, the handset being powered by some pretty interesting specs and features not to mention its waterproof capabilities. The Xperia ZR is somehow related to the Xperia Z both smartphones coming with similar performances. Anyway, since the ZR is available from a month now, its users might be looking for a suitable root method. If so, this step by step guide will be more than useful for you. During the guidelines from below I will show you how to easily root your Sony Xperia ZR by using a one-click root solution.

Rooting your Android device is required only if you want to use your Xperia ZR for custom operations or if you want to improve, customize or optimize the performances and the looks of your smartphone. Root offers access to the internal system of your handset and to its OS so that’s why on rooted phones you can flash custom ROMs firmware, overclock the CPU or install custom kernels. Furthermore, some apps from Google Play can be installed only on rooted systems so if you want to use such tools, first complete this tutorial.

The root access comes with many advantages as if you remove the factory restrictions your Xperia ZR becomes your new playground. Unfortunately, when talking about this procedure we must consider the warranty aspect. Since this is an unofficial operation, by performing the same, the warranty will get void. That’s why you should be careful when dealing with suitable guides – always use guidelines and don’t apply things by yourselves because you can mess things up and brick your phone.

Of course, by flashing the stock OS, or by updating with an official version of the Android system the root access will be revoked, the factory restrictions reinstalled and the warranty restored. But you will not be able to OTA receive and flash the official updates as on rooted smartphones the firmwares can be only manually applied.

Usually the root operations are complex ones, but for the Xperia ZR the one click root solution is available which means that you can complete this tutorial in just a couple of minutes without dealing with extra problems or with unexpected issues. The one-click root tool is being offered by those of xda-developers team, so we have to thanks them for this step by step guide.

Before heading to the proper steps from below, take your time and apply a backup. You should backup all of your data, personal saves and personal info that are being saved on the internal storage memory of your Sony Xperia ZR.

Then, ensure that you can access and use a computer, on which you will have to install the one-click root tool. Also, you will have to connect your Xperia ZR with the computer, so on your phone the USB debugging option should be enabled – go to “Settings -> More -> Development Options -> USB debugging”. Your handset should also have more than 60% power left; else you have to charge the battery before going any further. Don’t forget to uninstall or deactivate the security tools and protection that is running on both computer and smartphone – these programs might interfere with the root operation.

This one click root solution is suitable only with the Sony Xperia ZR so don’t try to use this guide for rooting a similar or different Android based device. Don’t worry there are similar tutorials available for the other Sony branded devices, or for the Samsung handsets and Motorola gadgets, so use the guide that can be safely applied on your phone / tablet; else you will probably brick your Android powered device.

How to Root Sony Xperia ZR using One-click Root Solution

  1. First of all you need to get the one click root tool.
  2. Get the app by using the link from here.
  3. Enable “Unknown sources” on your handset – go to “Settings -> Security”.
  4. The downloaded file must be unzipped on your computer – preferable on desktop.
  5. Connect your Xperia ZR with the computer via USB cable.
  6. Go to the one click root folder and from there run the “runme_win.bat” executable file.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts for rooting your handset.
  8. In the end your phone will reboot automatically, meaning that you are done.
  9. Unplug the USB cable and enjoy your rooted Sony Xperia ZR.

Good job, your Sony Xperia ZR is now rooted which means that you can look forward in applying complex apps. Also, you can flash a custom recovery image, install custom kernels and update with custom ROMs, not to mention that you can remove the bloatware for improving the speeds and upgrading the battery life. If you have experienced issues while trying to root your ZR, use this step by step guide and learn how to resolve the problems. That was all for today, but stay close for further guide, tutorials and Android related tips and tricks.

common man · 3 years ago

guys i rooted my Sony ZR with Kingsroot ...I removed almost all the SONY
APPS..The free RAM has increased to 1.3 GB from .7GM Available (Sys 339
MB used Aps 195 MB used) BUT the Storage still has only 4.59GB being
shown and now only 3 GB is avilable ....How is that RAM has increased
but storage has remained the same ..8GB is given by Sony but only 4.59
GB is being shown.... Phone is now fasted with RAM freed but cant
download music/photos as usable space is v v low...any advise

mosi78 · 4 years ago

I can do it to step 7 but the prompet stops after writing "deamon started succesfully"
and it doesn't change. what should I do ?

Lyndle Bob Cabisada · 4 years ago

Those this work on xperia zr running 4.4.4?Please reply asap please.

guest · 4 years ago

Just updated to 4.4.4 and towelroot cannot root my phone

Guest · 4 years ago

did it works on xperia ZR with android 4.4.4?

Biswajit Mahapatra · 4 years ago

Go to the one click root folder and from there run the “runme_win.bat” executable file.

can you plz explain this once again.... from where i will run this? if it is from my phone then how i will run this?
becoz it has been downloaded to my system.... if i am trying to run this bat from my system it is saying "WAITING FOR DEVICE" though my xperia is connected to system in usb debug mode...

plz help me asap....

Vinu Chandran · 4 years ago

Open or extract the downloaded folder on your windows system. *.bat files are batch scripts which will work on windows. Then connect your phone using original data cable and after the drivers has been installed, run the file "runme_win.bat" from pc ..

Chriisstopher Machuca · 4 years ago

did it works on android 4.4.2??

Fabian · 4 years ago

Can someone tell me how to root from 4.4.2 to 4.3 missing status bar :(

Khanh Nguy?n · 5 years ago

Dont work on Xperia Zr android 4.3

Adikro · 5 years ago

Dont Work on Xperia Zr with 4.3

Mostafa Zein El Dine · 5 years ago

Did it works on android 4.3 zr?

????? ???? · 5 years ago

my firmware is 10.31.a.2.67

????? ???? · 5 years ago

i have tried but showing " your c5502 is not supported"...pls help me

oren · 5 years ago

can my xperia zr 4.2.2 can be root

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