Verizon Galaxy S3 is the first variant that will be released with a locked Bootloader and this means that you won't be able to flash CWM Recovery or root it as easy as you would do with the Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile S3 editions. Use the tutorial steps listed in this post and you will learn how to root the Verizon Galaxy S3 using the exploit created by 'invisiblek', an XDA community developer.

To root the Verizon Galaxy S3 device you will need to take several extra steps and after the process is complete, you will also be able to flash CWM Recovery image. This guide will teach you how to successfully root the device using the Odin application and two .img files. Rooting your device will bring you support to run rooted Android applications and eventually flash new custom ROMs and improve the device's performances. Make sure to read the preparation guide before starting to apply the root files. Here's what you need to know and how to correctly prepare the Verizon S3 and your Computer for the root process:

  • Apply the root files only with the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 model number I535. Do not attempt to apply this tutorial on other US variants of S3 nor on any other International Galaxy S3 device. To check your device's model number open 'Settings' and then open the 'About phone' menu.
  • Optionally you can choose to backup the files stored on your device. Move them on your device's internal or external sdcard.
  • Enable USB Debugging Android option.
  • Charge the Verizon S3 battery until it reaches 70% power levels and this will prevent it from powering OFF while you're applying the root files.
  • Install the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 USB drivers on your computer.
  • Disable all antivirus / antimalware programs from your computer and so you won't be disturbed while applying the root files.
  • This guide is for advanced Android users and you should apply the instructions only if you're an advanced Android user. Apply only the steps I've listed in the tutorial and you should be safe.

Now that you've read all of the above, it means that you're ready to move to the tutorial guide. Make sure that you won't skip any steps and first thing that you should do is to read the entire guide and only afterwards you should start installing Odin and root your smartphone. If you cannot complete the tutorial then use the comments section and ask for our help.

How to root Verizon Galaxy S3 with Odin tool

  1. Download the Odin 3.07 application from HERE. Save it and when the download is complete you should extract the zip contents into a single Odin folder.
  2. Now, download these root files on your PC: Blank System.img.tar | Rooted System.img.tar. Save them in the ODIN folder and move to the next step.
  3. Power OFF your Verizon S3 and boot into Download Mode.
  4. To enter Download Mode you should press and hold 'volume down' + 'home' + 'power' buttons at the same time. You should notice a 'warning!!' alert displayed by your device and now you need to press 'volume up' to load the Download Mode.
  5. Launch ODIN executable.
  6. Next, connect the Galaxy S3 I535 to your computer via USB Cable. If Odin says 'added!!' you can move to the next step, if otherwise then you should return to the preparation guide and download and install the USB Drivers. Alternatively, you can try to use a different USB port and see if ODIN says that the device was 'added'. Move to the next step when all drivers have been installed and ODIN works with your phone.
  7. Click the 'PDA' tab in ODIN and select the 'black.system.img.tar' file. Don't change default ODIN options and make sure that the 're-partition' setting is not checked.
  8. Press START and now ODIN will begin to install the Blank system.img.tar file on your Verizon S3 device.
  9. After the installation is finished your phone will restart automatically and when the Samsung Logo appears you can unplug the device from your computer. Odin should say 'PASS'. If ODIN gets stuck you need to unplug the phone, remove its battery, close ODIN, re-insert the battery and restart the entire tutorial starting with step 4.

NOTE: When your Verizon Galaxy S3 installs the Blank system.img, it will restart and it will get stuck when the Samsung GS3 logo appears. Don't panic and proceed to remove the phone's battery, re-insert it and boot into download mode once again. Next, follow these extra steps below:

  • Boot into Download Mode just like you did at step 4.
  • Close ODIN and then launch it again.
  • Connect the smartphone to your PC.
  • Click in ODIN the 'PDA' tab button and select 'rooted.system.img.tar' file.
  • Press 'START' and wait until the rooted system image file is flashed.
  • When this process is complete, your SGS3 will reboot and you can unplug the USB cable from your phone when the Samsung GS3 logo appears on your phone's display.
  • Your Verizon Galaxy S3 device should boot into normal Android mode and this means that the root was successful.

That's it, now your device is rooted and you can now start to install applications that require root to work. Also, make sure to click the device's name, the link listed under the article's photo and you will find a working guide on how to successfully install CWM Recovery on Verizon Galaxy S3 phone.

If you have any extra questions then please feel free to ask away in comments and we will answer all of them. Also, if you have any tips and tricks on how to easily root the Verizon variant of Galaxy S3 then use the same comments field and tells us how did you manage to do that. For any helpful guides and tutorials on how to improve performances on Android devices, use the menu bar listed above this article and navigate through all our website's Android's database tutorial links.

Pat Andreas · 5 years ago

Will the Samsung sch-i535 Verizon be able to use an ATT SIM card if rooted?

Joshua Shnazlefratz Messina · 6 years ago

The links for these files say the files can't be found. Can these be found elsewhere?

Blank System.img.tar | Rooted System.img.tar

rgrav · 7 years ago

rgrav · 7 years ago

This is the Samsung i535 for Veriizon drivers. The drivers linked in the article are for the Sprint phone.

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