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Root Motorola Droid Ultra

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This is the Motorola Droid Ultra root section of our website. If you were looking to gain root access your Motorola Droid Ultra you arrived at the right place because you will be able to find all the information and files required to do so.

Rooting your Motorola Droid Ultra brings more advantages than disadvantages. The only disadvantage is related to the fact that on certain markets rooting is still illegal, therefore your phone’s warranty will be voided. Fortunately, the warranty can be most of the times restored after installing an official ROM that unroots your device (visit Motorola Droid Ultra update section to learn how).

After you apply the Motorola Droid Ultra root using the our methods, you will be able to install custom themes on your device, update your phone’s baseband for better signal and call quality, custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, AOKP, or ParanoidAndroid, or Google Play apps that require root access (Tasker is one of them, the most advanced automatization tool currently available for Android devices).

Note that all the Motorola Droid Ultra root tutorials have been closely tested by our team in order to make sure that nothing bad happens with your device. In order to safely root your Motorola Droid Ultra you need to follow all the steps found in the respective tutorials. Android Geeks is not responsible in any way for the damage you do to your device during or after the root procedure.