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Root Samsung Galaxy S5

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Rooting your phone removes all the blocks that were added by Samsung and carriers. After you achieve root your for your smartphone you will be able to flash new custom recoveries, custom ROMs and other great things that will improve your overall Android experience.

Follow the instructions listed in our tutorials and you will manage to complete the root process fast and without problems in under ten minutes. However, remember that root should be applied by advanced Android users and only if you’re planning on tinkering with the phone’s overall OS.

Root offers you Superuser access all over your device and you will be able to flash new Android custom ROMs, new updates, kernels themes, flash security apps such as Cerberus on your phone’s sub-system so that you will be able to fast track the device in case it gets lost. Also, root is great for apps that monitor your phone’s battery, memory, CPU performance, storage space managers and more.

Note that you should root your Galaxy S5 only at your own risk, do not blame us nor the articles listed in this category in case you lose data or brick the phone.

Also, make sure that when you start the root process your phone’s battery charge level is over 50%, so that the Galaxy S5 will not power off in the middle of the rooting process.