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Root Sony Xperia Z Ultra

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In the Sony Xperia Z Ultra root section of Android Geeks you will find the best and easiest ways to gain root access to your device.

Why should your root your Sony Xperia Z Ultra? I’m glad you’ve asked. By rooting your Sony Xperia Z Ultra you will gain “superuser” access to the device. How can you use the “superuser” access? You can install custom kernels for better power management, custom themes, update the phone’s baseband for improved call reception and call quality, and to install custom ROMs which usually arrive with far more features and customization options than stock ROMs. Moreover, there are certain apps available for download in Google Play Store that will require root access in order to be fully functional.

Note that all the tutorials found in the Sony Xperia Z Ultra root section have been tested by our team in order to make sure that everything works fine and that your device will not be damaged in the process. We recommend you to closely follow all the steps described in the Sony Xperia Z Ultra root tutorials for the root to be safely applied. Android Geeks shouldn’t and will not be held responsible in any way for the damage you do to your device during or after the root procedure.

It’s also worth mentioning that in certain countries rooting your Sony Xperia Z Ultra is illegal, therefore you might end up voiding your phone’s warranty. Luckily, the warranty is most of the times restored after an official, unrooted software is installed on your device (visit Sony Xperia Z Ultra update section to learn how).