I suppose you know that Gorilla Glass is very strong and can take really severe hits, though this is something its makers surely didn't prepare it for. A crazy Russian guy uses his HTC One X to insert some nails through a piece of wood and the device looks like new after that.

We really didn't expect the HTC One X to resist to such a treatment, but it's good to know that your smartphone can do more than it was built for. Some are calling big devices like the One X, Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note table tennis rackets. And this could get us thinking about using them this way.

After seeing this video I started imagining what else could be done with such a strong device, like this one and most of the ones packing a Gorilla Glass display. Maybe in the future we will receive a call on our device, then hit a few nails, play some table tennis with it and maybe even use it as a defensive weapon.


disqus_i5HqdDPA4T · 6 years ago

they're taiwanese la

Alex Dumitru · 6 years ago

Sorry for the mistake, we know neither Russian or Mandarin :)

Frank Wang · 6 years ago

This video is a known fake by hTc!

Bruce · 6 years ago

They're not Russian. They're from China speaking Cantonese. Some people are so stupid.

huo · 6 years ago

They are not Russian la.. They speak Mandarin.

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