Samsung has finally announced that there will be a new device available for users worldwide and it is one that is totally different then the rest of the already released or announced to be launched this year. The device that their will ship sometime after this summer and it has been named Galaxy Pocket which is one of the smallest ever smartphones ever created and released by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket will feature a 2.8 inch screen and it will be almost half the size of the Samsung's Galaxy Note device that was launched in 2011. Other specs and functions that will be present in Galaxy Pocket are the 800 MHz CPU, 3GB of internal storage, 2 mp camera and it will run Android 2.3 with TouchWiz support. The release date for this small phone has been set for late 2012 and the first region confirmed to receive it will be the United Kingdom. Its pricing should be set low as it doesn't come packed with much functions or features. However, this device should be great for those that are still missing the small phones that were really popular in the early to mid 2000s.

Galaxy Pocket should be viewed as a stylish portable device that is different from all the current giant smartphones that are heavily sold by all manufacturers and, it is destined for those that wish to add a new gadget to their already large collection of phones and are permanently on a move. Also, it is great if you're more a 'make and receive calls' only type of phone user and you do not wish to browse the web or perform any other soliciting tasks while you're on the move. It comes packed with an improved and revamped TouchWiz UI that shouldn't be lagging.

It can be used to connect with your friends and friends using IM and the social networking services that will come packed when the phone gets released. Also, it will contain the ChatON cross platform communication function that should put all smartphone users in a single group / community and, because of this, you will be able to send and receive messages from a single person or you can create group chats and content sharing for customers. Another great interface function is the Pocket's Social Hub that allows you to put all IMs' social networking and email services in a single inbox screen, which should prove to be its best feature as you won't be forced to go through numerous screens before reading and replying to all important messages.

It comes with a 3GB internal storage memory but you can easily expand it up to 32GB by using memory card that will allow to add all your favorite apps, music, videos, pictures, games, movies, documents etc. FM Radio will be present within its features and you can easily configure it to play your favorite FM station. HSDPA 3.6 and high speed Wi-Fi connectivity that should allow its users to download data fast and easy while keeping them updated with the latest news while their or heading to work.

This small smartphone should prove a great alternative to the large and more expensive smartphone devices that are currently available all over the world. As I've told you already, the Samsung Galaxy Pocket has been confirmed and it should be released later this year in UK, while the other regions should get an estimated release date in the next few months.


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