The smartwatches could become popular gadgets in the near future, and several companies are reportedly already investing in developing such products. While three different sources have confirmed that Apple is already planning an iWatch, the latest rumors saying that 100 designers are working on the project, Samsung's smartwatch is just a rumor, and a couple of leaks are showing that it might see the light of day.

According to the rumor mill, Samsung is planning to integrate the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 in a series of products codenamed "Project J" or "Altius." Besides the highly-anticipated Altius flagship, Galaxy S4 GT-I9500, Samsung will reportedly introduce a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, codenamed Serrrano, just like Galaxy S3 was followed by S3 mini.

In the same time Samsung will launch a new gadget, Galaxy Altius Active or Fortius, which is an alleged smartwatch, meant to make the Project J family complete.

The first details are hinting that the Samsung smartwatch will come with three accessories, compatible with your wrist, your bike, and with a protective cover (???).

Since the Galaxy Active smartwatch will belong to the Galaxy S4 family of products, everyone expects the gadget to run Android, or, at least, to be compatible with the Samsung smartphones.

The first leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Altius Active, codenamed Samsung GA7, are suggesting that the smartwatch is running a proprietary operating system - AltiusOS and that it will sport 235 MB of RAM.

Even though Samsung might as well use it's Tizen OS, based on HTML5 and co-developed with Intel, the pictures you can see in the gallery below look doesn't look like any user interface from Samsung, and they might be the creation of a fan.

Regarding the design of the Galaxy Altius Active, designer Johan Loejito has teamed-up with Samsung Design America, and created an interesting concept for a smartwatch called Proxima (pictured above).

The latest rumors are indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date was set for April, May for S4 mini, which may be followed by Samsung Glaxy Altius smartwatch.

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