Samsung has just announced that the future Galaxy J devices will sport the Galaxy A tagline from now on. This change should help the old J models to sell better, as it was commonly known that those models weren't the best devices on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy J devices were Samsung's low-end models, while the Galaxy A models were the better ones. Now, there are tons of other Galaxy A devices launched this and last year.

The new Galaxy A models released this year are the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 devices. Both models should've been released with the "J" in their title.

The Samsung Galaxy A 2019 models are being released with better camera, bigger battery, and improved overall software performance over the old "J" models. Both the A30 and A50 models should offer All Day lasting battery, Fast charging, multi-lens cameras, ultra wide lens, Infinity Display with Super AMOLED technology, and On-Screen fingerprint scanner for the first time on a "lower" budget smartphone device.

Also, from now on there won't be anymore Galaxy J models, which might mean that Samsung won't be releasing any low-end models anymore. This is still subject to change, as we expect Samsung to launch a new Galaxy "placeholder" Series for people who aren't looking to spend over 300$ for a new device and still be satisfied with low mobile performance.

Tell us in comments what you think about this change and what you hope to see in future Galaxy S/A/M-sung series in terms of hardware specs.

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