There is little doubt as to which handset is the most popular this day, that is at least until Apple announces its new iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Fortunately for us, the international model of the Note 2 has already been announced and promoted worldwide, but there are still some unknowns about other carrier specific versions. Among these more restricted versions we will find the SPH-L900 which is supposed to be the Sprint version of the Note 2.

The only real problem with the Sprint SPH-L900 Note 2 is that a specific release date is yet to be announced. The international model shares this problem, as it only has a timeframe of its availability which is somewhere in October for Europe and other major areas apart from the US. The US stands on a different step, as Samsung has confirmed that its new flagship hybrid will only arrive somewhere in the Christmas holiday season.

So far, it seems like only Vodafone Germany and Three and O2 in the UK have announced that they will carry the Galaxy Note 2, but more carrier are expected to offer their services for the Galaxy line flagship until the holiday season begins. As far as the US goes, we do expect AT&T to be the first to offer the hybrid device, as it has done with the original Note. News is that somebody on the fabled xda-developers has found a new unannounced handset named SPH-L900, which corresponds to a Sprint device, but there are other clues to point to the Note 2.

In case you missed to official announcement, the specs of the Sprint Galaxy Note 2 will be exactly the same as the ones of the international version, apart from the CDMA network support. This means that we can expect the Exynos 4412 quad core processor at 1.6 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB or more worth of internal storage and of course that 5.5 inches wide Super AMOLED display. Other specs include the now standard 8 MP camera alongside Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

It is also worth noting that the Note 2 spots an AMOLED screen with all the sub pixels, unlike the one on the Galaxy S III. This will finally put an end to the concerns regarding AMOLED displays and their poor text reproduction.

It will definitely be interesting to see which carriers will offer the Note 2 both in the US and worldwide, but I have a hunch that almost everybody out there will run to the chance of carrying this very sought after device. The first tablet-phone hybrid Note sold extraordinarily well, and the Note 2 will surely do even better with its specs.

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