Samsung exec has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be released on the 4th of September. The announcement comes directly from Samsung's Executive VP Lee Young-hee, but there aren't any confirmed specs, which means that you still need to wait for the most important stuff to be unveiled before deciding to buy this device.

Galaxy Gear will be a smart watch that should be available in multiple colors and it should support connections via NFC and Bluetooth. Other sensors will also make the smartwatch connect much more easily with your Samsung smartphone and deliver data for applications faster. This service should be ready for a October release.

Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch will be presented along with the Galaxy Note 3 in Berlin. It seems like this new 'smartwatch' or 'gadget' will not be released with a flexible display and instead it will most probably feature an AMOLED non-flexible glass display. Hopefully we will get more details about this device in the next few days so that we will get a better idea before the IFA 2013 event is here.

The star of the September 4 event will be the upcoming new phablet device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It should pack a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, the quad-core Snapdragon 800 or the Octa Core Exynos 5420 CPU, 3GB RAM, 13 MP rear camera, microSD slot, 32GB internal Storage that might support 128GB of external storage via microSD card slot, 3200 mAh battery. All these hardware specs will run on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with an improved TouchWiz Nature UX interface that should resemble the one currently available on the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Also, S Pen will be an important part of the Galaxy Note 3.

There is no official word on Samsung Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 final pricing. Make sure to free your schedule during IFA so that you'll be able to follow all the launches live. With less than a week remaining until this event we should be able to see new details leaked even before the first day of IFA Berlin 2013.

So, what's your thought about the Samsung announcement? Do you plan on buying the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch or both?

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