Even though the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is approaching, with the rumors hinting towards a February 18th debut, the rumor mill didn't forget about the next-gen phablet of the South Korea-based company.

We've reported earlier today, that the Samsung Galaxy S4 might come with touchless gestures, it seems that the Galaxy Note 3 will also have a similar feature once it sees the light of day.

After we've asked a couple of questions here and there, a source close to the matter confirmed to us that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have Air View-like capabilities both when using the S-Pen and your finger. As you probably, the Galaxy Note 2 already has a floating touch gesture feature, but, for the time being its functionality is only limited to the proximity sensor. By simply hovering your hand over the proximity sensor while the display is turned off, it will automatically turn on the display and show various info like missed calls, texts, or any other events.

Samsung has also purchased 5% in Wacom shares, the company popular for its research in digital input via stylus. So, we might even see a new and improved S-Pen coming along with the Galaxy Note 3.

If you want to make an idea on how the floating touch works, you can watch the video below with the technology demonstrated on Sony's Xperia Sola.

With the touchless gestures integrated on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 you will basically be able to use your finger like a mouse, hovering it over various items like folders, video timeline or galleries, in order to receive details about the respective item.

The rumor mill also speculated about the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Besides all the connectivity features worthy of a modern smartphone like LTE, WiFi in all standards, Bluetooth, microSD card support, and NFC, the next-gen Samsung phablet might come with a ginormous 6.3-inch display with full HD resolution.

It is also speculated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with an octo-core Exynos 5 Octa chipset on Cortex A15 architecture, 2 GB of RAM and 16/32/64 GB of internal storage. Since Google will reportedly launch the next iteration of its mobile operating system in May at Google I/O, Galaxy Note 3 might become Samsung's first smartphone to come pre-loaded with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, of course, boasting the company's proprietary TouchWiz UI.

chase_n_muny · 6 years ago

i ordered the note 2, but its on back order....damn!!!!!

sep.naj · 6 years ago

i have note 2 and its awesome...i wouldnt change it with anything else for a couple of years or so...its the best!:-)

Fenix Izgawd · 6 years ago

I have the Note 1 and love it... I wish I could upgrade without the big price tag, since I am in a two year contract and don't want to pay to leave it... I will just wait for the Note 3 hope it is closer to Dec 2013 or Jan of 2014

Brandon Glover · 6 years ago

i want a new phone right now. but i also want to wait for the note 3...

Toqeer Sethi · 6 years ago

Get the nexus 4 for now. It's cheap enough and then get the note 3 when is released. I have finally said goodbye to Apple and note 2 was the device that aided my defection.

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