Even though there's no official word regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, the South Korea-based company has already started to tease us about its upcoming releases. If you consider an official Samsung Mobile tweet that dates April 17th and a press document issued by OLED Association in early April, you might actually find out more about the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Even though it isn't confirmed yet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date might be in the week prior to IFA Berlin 2013 debut. Why do we believe that? Well we don't have word from an anonymous birdie, nor from a Samsung insider, it is just an educated guess based on the pattern of the previous releases of the South Korean phone maker.

The first Samsung phablet, the Galaxy Note N700 was officially introduced at IFA 2011, while its successor debuted close to the Berlin-based event next year, at a Samsung Unpacked event. As you probably noticed the big players of the smartphone market are no longer unveiling their latest devices during the big events of the tech world. Therefore we are expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be announced at an Unpacked event in the week prior to IFA Berlin 2013. While the German-based tech fair will open its gates for the public on September 6th, we believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date will be scheduled for the September 1 - 5 time frame.

Enough for now with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, so let's focus a bit on the Samsung tween and the OLED association press statement. The Samsung Mobile tweet tells us to "Be ready for the #nextGENERATION mobile displays #samsungDISPLAY" while the OLED Association lets us know that the first Flexible AMOLED displays will hit the market in Q4 2013.

If the Galaxy Note 3 is indeed introduced early September then it will probably hit the market in October, which coincides with the Q4 2013 scheduled release date of the Flexible AMOLED displays mentioned by OLED Association.

The piece of news form OLED-A also mentions the size of the flexible AMOLED display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which will reportedly be between 5.9 and 6.x inches. I know the 5.9 - 6.x estimation is not giving us any concrete information about the exact size of the Galaxy Note 3 display, but at least it's in concordance with the rumors saying that the next-gen Samsung phablet will have a 5.99-inch touch panel.

Besides being almost unbreakable, the Flexible AMOLED touch panel of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will also be lighter and thinner than the one of the Galaxy Note 2, which makes us believe that the rumors saying that the new phablet will be only 7.9 mm thin.

It was also rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will not follow the design language introduced mid-March by the Samsung Galaxy S4, as the nex-gen phablet will feature a metallic body with a revised design. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might also become the fist smartphone of the South Korean company to come pre-loaded with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, as the latest Android iteration is expected to debut this May at Google I/O event, so the Samsung software engineers will have enough time to optimize it for the new device.

Are you in for the next-generation of unbreakable displays?

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