The Samsung Galaxy Note model number N7000 has just received a new firmware update that brings new Gallery and the Galaxy S3 interface. This update has been released in Germany and it has been reported that some users in other European countries have received the OTA notification.

The data of the N7000XXLRQ firmware is 28 August 2012 and it can be installed via KIES or OTA. Also, it seems like the update comes with multiple other changes that makes the Note device look more like the Galaxy S3. As most Galaxy Note users hoped that Samsung would release the Jelly Bean 4.1 for their device, instead of this new Android 4.0.4 ICS, they might feel a little downhearted as they only got almost all the Galaxy S3 features such as its Interface, contacts list etc.

However there are some other 'original' features that will work only with the Galaxy Note phone, such as the new Gallery with new animated 3D effects, Pop-Up video with resize support and others. A list of all the added features can be found below, as well as a gallery with some snapshots of the new UI and Gallery. The best new feature might be the sidebar look, it is the same one that we witnessed on the Galaxy Note 2 and it seems like Samsung didn't forget about the buyers of the original Note device.

This update can be applied on your device using the Samsung KIES or OTA or you can choose to use our tutorial guide HERE, which teaches you how to manually apply the XXLRQ Android 4.0.4 ICS firmware update using ODIN app.

Here's a list with all the new functions and features that you'll get by updating your Galaxy Note to N7000XXLRQ firmware: a brand new launcher just like the Samsung Galaxy S3 one, new Gallery with support for 3D effects, new Phone Contacts list, pop-up video resize is now supported, S-Cloud integration has been added. It can be used by syncing the settings with Samsung, Contacts can be saved in S-Cloud also. Now you have an alternative to Google contacts feature, some bloatware has been added: Lieferheld, ChatOn, NTV and MyTaxi, Android 4.0.4 ICS performance has been improved.

It has been reported that the 'black clippings' bug isn't fixed and for this, Galaxy Note users should wait for future updates to be released. So, this update brings almost all Galaxy S3 features along with some other functions and software, like Pop-Up video resizing and Gallery 3D effects.

This is an Android 4.0.4 ICS firmware update and it seems like Samsung will take their time before releasing the official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware update for Samsung Galaxy Note and, the only thing that we can do is to wait until all testing will be complete. Until then, make sure to return to our website for news, updates and tutorials on how to improve your Android experience.

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Comments · 6 years ago

I'm stuck on 2.3.6 help please

Matt Hampton · 6 years ago

when is this update hitting the US?

Matt · 6 years ago

when or is this update hitting the US?

Sdaro · 6 years ago

this feature is working well but i think the photo in gallery seem blur not like original rom.

sunil9473679224 · 6 years ago

a new software update of 85 mb is available from today in india but ics 4.0.4,very nice

Rajdeep Sandhu · 6 years ago

when can we have ics music player replaced with older version???/

Rajdeep Sandhu · 6 years ago

Finally android realize looks also important with new update. now I'm happy to have ICS in my galaxy note. But how can we have new ICS music player which is not given with 4.0.4.

gautam · 6 years ago

when is the update hitting india???

jasmon · 6 years ago

Gautam..i got the update yesterday and all this features are available..Try via kies or OTA and you should be able to download it..happy update :)

BTW i am bangalore

SGN user · 6 years ago

Why is it that more than half the world have to wait longer for the updates? Even if Kies is available simultaneously and OTA is rolled out by country/continents. At least that gives those who really care access immediately.

Allen Krasna · 6 years ago

I am in Israel and I plugged into Kies and it did the update. For some reason, it killed all my desktop icons folders and setting and brought me back to standard (I may have done this by thinking it froze and shut it off early) - one of the nervous things is that there is some question in German you have to answer before the upgrade will work.

The changes are cute but nothing life changing

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