Samsung Electronics announced on Monday that its high-end smartphone series, the popular Galaxy S has reached the 100 million sold units milestone. It took Samsung only 2 years and 7 months after the debut of the first model in May 2010. Samsung Galaxy S3 had an impressive performance, with over 30 million shipped units in just 5 months.

Reports are indicating that the 7 months after it debuted, latest flagship smartphone has reached a shipping figure of 40 million units, after it impressed everyone with its 1 million units sold 50 days after the launch.

For the time being the average sales number for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is of 190,000 units per day. Another important model for Samsung's performance on the smartphone market was the Galaxy S2, with over 40 million units sold world wide in 20 months.

Apart from the impressive performance on the smartphone market of the second-gen flagship device, I wonder how Samsung feels knowing that there are over 40 million users out there annoyed that the Android Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2 is still no where to be found.

Anyway, if you'd include the Galaxy Note smartphones, the figure would be even more impressive. This avalanche of successful products named Samsung seems very hard to stop and you should also consider that the South Korea-based company was dragged by its biggest rival, Apple, in an endless string of patent lawsuits.

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