All the Samsung Galaxy S10 models like S10e, S10+ and the standard S10, are now getting the new Android 9 Pie update packed with the Galaxy Note 10 features. Check your notifications menu in the following hours or days, as the new update should be ready for installation.

This new major Android 9 Pie update for Galaxy S10 devices has been rolled out in Europe at this moment, and it should reach all the other international markets later this year. The new firmware update comes with Dynamic Lock Screen, Super Steady recording for Hyperlapse camera mode, new Live Focus photo and video effects, Samsung DeX for PC support, AR Doodle and more. Also, with this new firmware you will get for the first time support for Night Mode for both the front-facing and back-facing camera sensors.

The new update is rolling out in stages for Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+ across Europe in countries like Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and all the Baltic countries. If the new update has reached your device, then you should simply confirm the download process and your Galaxy S10 will complete the installation by itself. If you are in the United States, then you need to know that the Snapdragon-variant of the Galaxy S10 will get the update in the coming months.

The updates are sent later for Galaxy S10 users in the United States due to these models being sold by carriers, and they will take a while in adding and optimizing the new firmware updates, so that there won't be any major bugs on release day. If your device is the Exynos variant, but you are not in one of the countries the Note 10 Android 9 Pie features update is rolling out, then you shouldn't worry too much, as all the European Galaxy S10 models will get teh official update until the end of October.

If you are not sure if the Android 9 Pie Note 10 software update has reached your Galaxy S10 device, then you simply need to go to Settings> Software Update> Download and Install menu. If the new files are ready for installation you need to confirm the download and your Galaxy S10 will take care of the rest of the process by itself. Make sure to tell us in comments what country you are in and when you got the new update notification, so that others in your region will get an idea when to expect the new firmware to arrive in their region.

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