One of the most interesting features of any modern day smartphone is without a doubt the NFC capability. Only recently introduced, this has been one of the many technologies that has been adopted by general public as a means of easily connecting two devices. The biggest promise behind this tech was its ability to offer shot distance secured data transfers, be it as simple as changing some aspects of your smartphone’s software or as interesting as paying for your shopping with just a simple swipe over a receiver.

So far, only the Samsung Galaxy S3 has adopted the latest Quick Tap NFC payment from Orange UK and Barclays. As far as the service is concerned, it offers the possibility of paying up to £20 by simply tapping the Galaxy S3 on the paying terminal. On the security side however, it is clear that this Quick Tap NFC payment method still has somewhat of a long way to go till it reaches maturity as you can still set up your phone to ask for a PIN number after tapping. The other strong security measure behind this service is the full fraud guarantee for all Quick Tap payments.

Interestingly, the Galaxy S3 can be charged with up to £150 for its Quick Tap account, and the easiest way to do so is to have a UK MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card. The S III will also alert you when the account is running low, and thankfully you can add any sum between £5 and £100 at any single time.

The offer starts on the 5th of September, as Orange will start selling Quick Tap enabled Galaxy S3’s, and if you fancy new tech and buy one of these devices until the 5th of October you will also receive a free bonus consisting of £50 worth of credit on your Quick Tap account.

The first trial of this new technology came from the 2012 London Olympics, where again a Galaxy S3 was used as the main device behind it, but that time it used the Visa PayWave system.

All in all it does seem like NFC is slowly making a bigger and bigger impact on our daily lives, even if only to be used as a wireless close proximity payment method. Even if not all new smartphones have the NFC system embedded, people can still think about the advantages of buying a device that has even if it might tend to cost just a little bit more.

Before you leave also check out this nice video about the Orange Quick Tap service:

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