GSM Association has chosen the winners of its annual awards for the best devices, applications and technologies presented at the Mobile World Congress 2013 expo.

From the long list of winners, largely occupied by names that are less-known to the wide public, tech companies like Samsung, ASUS , and even Nokia - which is apparently having a spectacular return on the market, after a long period of regress.

A company with a long history in the business, Nokia has won the award for the best mobile terminal in the Feature Phone category (Entry-Level), the jury made by GSM Association choosing the Nokia Asha 305 as the winner because of a convincing set functions and dual-SIM support, all these at an attractive price.

Even though all the fans of the Apple products will no go home and cry, GSM Association has decided that the award for the best smartphone of the year should go to a Samsung product. The decision was influenced by the innovations brought by the Samsung Galaxy S3, but, apparently the good sales of the terminal, and the fact that it has less problems than its iPhone 5 rival also made the Android-powered smartphone the winner.

Not surprisingly at all, the award for the best tablet went to ASUS, for the Nexus 7, a 7-inch tablet co-developed by the Taiwan-based company and Google. Backed-up by a convincing set of features and an extremely competitive acquisition price, the Nexus 7 has registered record sales and it continues to be one of the user's favourite.

When it came to the MWC 2013 best software apps, the Facebook client has won the price for the best consumer app, while Evernote was awarded the best application for the enterprise environment.

Least, but not last, Samsung was chose the best mobile phone manufacturer of the year, but the South Korea-based company also won when it came to mobile infrastructure and innovations in mobile technologies field.

The complete list of the winners chosen by GSM Association at MWC 2013 can be found here.

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