A few weeks ago Samsung officially announced that 20 million Galaxy S3 units have been shipped in less than 100 days since the launch. It's by far the best-selling Android smartphone ever and the only one for which the sale numbers have been revealed.

Some voices said that the iPhone 5 launch and Apple winning the $1 bn lawsuit against the South Korea-based company would affect the Samsung Galaxy S3 sales, consistently diminishing them. Localytics studied the matter and the result is quite the contrary: the Samsung Galaxy S3 sales weren't hurt, and the demand for the Samsung flagship is still high.

I'll have to mention that Localytics owns a mobile platform that tracks app traffic, and reports which smartphone model accesses the respective apps in Google Play. The statistics firm says that a growth of 9% in Samsung Galaxy S3 traffic was noticed in early August 2012.

Localytics also say that the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit had positive implications for the South Korea-based company, as some of the customers not believe that the Samsung devices are similar to the iPhone.

In 2012 Samsung was Apple's main rival. Webstock revealed that the huge Apple income is not generated by App Store but rather by the hardware sales. That's why Apple wants to put some limitations on Samsung global smartphone sales. On the other hand the South Korean company is only making profit out of selling the smartphones, as it doesn't earn too much from Samsung Apps or Google Play.

The fight between the two giants is carried in courts all over the world both of them won and lost so far. Still, the most notable win is that lawsuit in US won by Apple. As a result Samsung will have to pay the iPhone makers $1 billion.

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