Samsung Galaxy S3 has been announced last week and it should be available from May 29th in Europe while the rest of the world should receive it starting with late June.

In this post you will find several facts and impressions about SGS3 when it comes compared to Apple's iPhone 4S and, we're hoping that you'll make a better image of how Samsung managed to create yet again a device that is capable of putting the iPhone 4S to shame, as if there weren't enough iOS critics that needed a new reason to taunt Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with the new Gorilla Glass 2 and it should pack a 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos CPU, 1GB RAM and a 2100 mAh lithium battery to support the CPU, GPU and RAM. Samsung and Apple became instantly rivals when the first Galaxy S phone was launched and since then there we've seen entire forum debates, blog reviews and TV programs that compared Galaxy S devices with iPhone 4 or 4S and to try and decide which one is better.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is HD SuperAMOLED Display and it is way bigger compared to iPhone 4S Retina Display and the main difference is being made by the higher resolution on SGS3. Already the AMOLED term sells the Samsung phones by itself and if we consider that the new 720p HD SuperAMOLED screen has already scored better than the SGS2 then Galaxy s3 should reach new highs. iPhone 4S weights way more than the SGS3 and it packs very little. The Galaxy 3 allows its users to remove the battery and inserting a new SD card that will support up to 64GB of space.

Being able to remove the battery is great as you will be able to replace it with another more powerful one , which is fantastic news considering the new quad-core 1.4 GHz CPU of Galaxy S3 that might prove to be a monster for the battery. The iPhone lacks the possibility to remove the battery and when that fails to meet your requirements then there is nothing left to be done and you will be forced to buy another device.

SGS3 vs iPhone 4S BrowserMark Results

The SGS3 camera isn't something that amazed us but it still beats iPhone 4S' as it packs the Burst Shot and the Shutter lag function which permits Android users to take very quick snaps. Also, it can identify the people whose photograph you just took and then you can forward them the pic.

Samsung decided to integrate their own version of speech recognition software, S Voice, which resembles Apple's Siri. It might be better to wait and more extensive tests of S Voice before we could say that it is better than Siri. S voice isn't the only new feature that will be implemented within SGS3 as there are several other functions that will be first introduced with the new phone. Read more below:

Pop-up Play allows Android and SGS3 users to continue watching a video using a floating screen even when there is a web browser opened. Burst Shot and Zero Shutter Lag are two new camera functions that will work on both Galaxy S3 cameras.

S-Beam will integrate both Wi-Fi Direct and NFS support into a single program and it should work not only with SGS3 but also with other upcoming Android phones. Smart Stay is the function that integrates the new Eye Tracking technology by Samsung which will adjust the display brightness every time you're not looking at the HD SuperAMOLED screen. Also, a Barometer will be integrated. All these new functions are nowhere to be seen on the iPhone 4S and we might have to wait a long time before Apple will manage to integrate these new technologies on its phones.

SGS3 vs iPhone 4S GLBenchmark 2.1 Test

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will come to US in June and it will be 4G LTE support but with a different CPU as it will pack Snapdragon S4 1.5 dual-core instead of the other Samsung Exynos 1.4 Quad that will be shipped to global markets. Even the Galaxy S2 CPU is better than iPhone 4S' 1GHz Dual-Core A9 CPU. Something that bothers me about the Galaxy S3 is that TouchWiz will still be the main interface UI for Android 4.0, but it still beats the iOS 5 in terms of flexibility and if you're a power user you know what I mean and the debate regarding which, iPhone 4S or Galaxy S3, device is better.

SGS3 is lighter, thinner, bigger and it offers so much more than Apple's iPhone 4S for the same amount of money. Galaxy S3 is more flexible, fluid, it allows users to change themes and add new launchers, something that Apple users only dream about. Also, the fact that the iPhone 4S doesn't offer users the possibility to add an SDcard when the SGS3 will come with 64GB SDcard slot should be something that Apple start considering along with the fact that now the 4S looks like a midget when compared with the 'huge' Galaxy S3 screen. Apple needs to wake up and see that consumers are already craving for bigger screen and improved functionality out of their phones.

The new Samsung phone shouldn't be regarded as a revolutionary device, but a new 2012 Android device that brings only a few small touches to the already Samsung 'better than iPhone 4S' Galaxy S2 smartphone. Apple still has a lot of work left to do and if they're going to release a new device later this year, then it should better bring something else at the table. That should conclude this post and if you have other info or you disagree with some of the points I've made then you should let me know in comments.

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