Samsung will release its latest achievement, the Galaxy S3 smartphone, by the end of this month and we just can’t wait until the day in which we will finally be able to test its highly-rumored and appreciated performances. We know almost everything about this handset, but for making a better opinion we will try to compare the same with other high end devices. Today I will present the features and specs comparison table between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, so if you want to see the results check the following lines.

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Now, let’s concentrate in our task. If we are to compare the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Xperia Arc S we have to consider all of the specs and features presented on both devices. But first, you must know that Sony released its Arc S in September last year, so its capabilities must be referred to that period. Anyway, we are dealing with two interesting Android based phones, one that is popular already though it hasn’t been yet launched and the other that impress from the first look as its design it’s really appealing.

So, for clearing the looks aspects, here is what you should compare. First of all, the Galaxy S3 is featuring an powerful and large 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD display (720p HD resolution) while the Arc S is bringing a smaller one, unveiling a 4.2-inch FWVGA (854×480) Reality Display, which of course is making the S3 to win on this section. I personally like more the design of the Arc S, as the Galaxy S3 is too “boring” for me, or maybe I was expecting something more spectacular from Samsung.

Leaving aside the looks, let’s head to the specs comparison table. Well, here we have the same situation. As expected the Galaxy S3 is faster and lighter when it comes to hardware capabilities. It is coming with the 1.4 GHz quad core Samsung Exynos processor, being the second handset to bring such power after the HTC One X. On the other hand, the Xperia Arc is being powered by a 1.4 Ghz Scorpion with Qualcomm MSM8255T Snapdragon processor. The RAM memory is 512 MB on the Arc while the S3 is having 1GB of virtual memory. The conclusions here are more than obvious.

Both are having similar rear facing cameras, with 8 MP capabilities, but from what we are expecting, the S3 camera should capture pictures faster and better. Also, the Arc S isn’t featuring a front facing camera, so here is a big lack for Sony. Samsung has powered its S3 with a 1.9 MP front facing camera, which will be perfect for making video calls or for chatting with your friends.

Another huge difference between these devices is the OS. As already stated both are being running the Android platform but its version is what counts the most. The Galaxy S3 will feature the latest Android ROM, the Ice Cream Sandwich, while the Xperia Arc is having Gingerbread on board. Of course you can update the Arc S with several custom ROMs that will bring the ICS experience to you, but that doesn’t means anything now. Furthermore, the S3 is having a better battery (2100 mAh) as the Xperia S is having an low end one (1500 mAh Lithium Polymer).

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is more powerful than the Sony Xperia Arc S, the specs and the features being much better on the S3. So, if you are thinking in buying the best smartphone available (or at least soon available) you must take the Samsung device. The only aspect that might place the Arc S above S3 is the design, but this doesn’t really counts especially if you are interested in performance. That’s my conclusion for today; share your personal thoughts with as and stay close as we will come with more similar posts.

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