Recently, we wrote about two photos which were reportedly taken with the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Now, another set of picture appeared on the web, again allegedly taken with the shooter of the Galaxy S4. The photos have been uploaded to a Google+ account, but were deleted afterwards.

If we take a look at the EXIF data, the photos have been snapped by with the Samsung GT-I9500, which as far as we know it's the model number of the Galaxy S4. Of course, the EXIF data can't be always trusted because it can be modified easily. But lets say they are real. So, the images have a pixel resolution 4128 x 2322 (9.6MP) and have a 16:9 aspect ratio. It seems that the 13MP shooters can take 9.6MP photos in Auto mode as the viewfinder can only use full screen in 16:9 mode.

The images were firstly posted by Androsym, website which later mentioned that the snaps were actually taken with a Sony Exmor RS 13 MP camera, with 1/3" sensor size. Again, the information remained unconfirmed.

We already told you yesterday that Samsung is working on a new project for its camera called Samsung Orb which might be implemented on the Galaxy S4. It would be a shooter capable of snapping 360-degree panorama pictures in a way similar to Nexus 4's Photo Sphere feature. This may be Samsung's way to fight off HTC's ultrapixel technology. It looks like the south Korean company is trying to get back on being nr 1 in the mobile market by all means.

Returning to the displayed photos, even if it's taken with the Galaxy S4, it has nothing to do with the Ob functionality. The images feature a simple keyboard just standing there, there is nothing panoramic about it.

It's not clear why the pictures have been deleted. Maybe the company wanted to give us just a sample, or they are actually fake.[gallery ids="15703,15704,15705"]

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