Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is already on the market and with the Galaxy Note 3 release date drawing near, some of you are considering to skip this year Sammy flagship, thinking of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. But what do we know about the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Well, almost nothing, except that it will be one of the most popular Android-powered smartphones in the world, as it will be there to continue the legacy of the Galaxy flagships family. What is Samsung readying for us? We can't know for sure but we can make some guesses based on their previous releases.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 didn't bring any major design changes when compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, despite being thinner and presenting some construction changes meant to bring it closer to a premium-looking smartphone.

We've seen Samsung's rivals launching smartphones that use premium materials like glass and aluminium (see Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, and iPhone 5), so the South Korea-based phone maker is bound to make some changes in this direction. HTC's One flagship is the perfect example that a good-looking smartphone is the key to success, receiving positive reviews when it came to its design. Sammy will definitely want similar reactions for its Galaxy S5, so expect some major design and construction changes for its next-gen flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will definitely not follow the design language introduced by the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, so expect it to be completely different. How will it look like? I can't know, as I can't read Samsung designers' minds, but I am expecting it to be made of aluminium or metal.

Even though the Samsung officials said that the plastic smartphones are easier to produce in large numbers, I am confident that the South Koreans will change the materials used for the Samsung Galaxy S5 as its position as leader of the Android smartphone market is threatened by the premium high-end smartphone developed by other companies.

In the same time, an aluminium Samsung Galaxy S5 will be capable of stealing some of Apple's customers, as the design remained the only trump of the iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 specs will fit in the trend of the 2014 smartphone market. Its display will probably not go beyond the 5 inch threshold, as a display larger than 5 inches would make the Galaxy S5 a phablet, and Samsung doesn't want to get on Galaxy Note's propriety. The resolution will also be sucked at full HD, because, for the time being, there's no need of a higher resolution.

The amount of RAM will probably be increased at 3 GB, while we probably get a minimum of 32 GB of storage and a maximum of 125 GB. The processor will probably be an Exynos unit, which is more powerful than the recently launched octo-core Exynos 5420. Will the Galaxy S5 have a Qualcomm-powered variant? Very likely.

The camera mounted on the back will also get a boost in terms of megapixels, considering that we already have the Lumia 1020 with its 41 megapixel camera and the rumor mill says that Sony will launch the Honami with 20 megapixel sensor. Anyway, don't expect Galaxy S5's camera to go beyond the 20 megapixel threshold. Personally, I believe that we don't need more than the 13 megapixels of the current Galaxy S4 camera, but rather better performance while taking pictures in low light conditions, OIS, and other tweaks to enhance the photo quality.

What are you expecting from the Samsung Galaxy S5? Any thoughts about its specs? How about some particular features? Use the comments section below to let us know.

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