Now that the Galaxy S4 has been announced, game publisher EA has mentioned that its partnership with Samsung has been further expanded and it will provide  14 games for the device at its launch. The games are meant for a good deal of Android-based devices and they will be available via Google's Play Store. The game publisher specified that 16 of its mobile titles will be optimized in order to work on the Octa-core processor and 5-inch display of the Galaxy S4 just in time for when the handset is going to be available for purchase at retailers next month.

EA VP of new platforms Glen Roland stated that they are very happy about the relationship with the phone maker and this is an opportunity for the fans of the EA mobile games to enjoy them on the new Galaxy S4. Also, he added that the new smartphone is a high-end device will fast processing speed and a large display that will make the games look even better.

There will be several mobile games that will be optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and the company has mentioned that among the titles that will be available firstly will be games such as Plants vs Zombies and Real Racing 3, but also other titles like Monopoly, The Simpsons : Tapped Out, Bejeweled Blitz and Tetris Blitz.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced at the New York City Unpacked event a few days ago, and a lot of worldwide mobile operators have confirmed that they will be stocking it starting late April. The device will not be a cheap one, but considering that it brings the best hardware existing on the market, it will be worthy of spending the money.

There are some online retailers that already made its price public wanting to attract more customers, and the off contract version of the Galaxy S4 will cost around £530 in the UK, for instance.

The Galaxy S4 is the first smartphone ever to be powered by a processor with 8 cores clocked at 1.6 Ghz. It also, features an impressive 13 MP rear-facing camera that was presented by the company's officials as the most innovative shooter on the market.

Among other specs that make the Galaxy S4 a high-end smartphone, we have a 5-inch Super AMOLED display with a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080, which features a pixel density of 441ppi. Another impressive thing about the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that it's protected by the new Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

The device also sports a front-facing camera that allows its users to make dual video calls and it's capable of recording 1080p video. In terms of memory the handset will be available in three distinct variants of 16/32/64 GB of internal storage and will include 2 GB of RAM.

Besides the impressive hardware components, the Samsung Galaxy S4 also brings several new features as the company has focused a lot of its developing process on software. Among the new features of the smartphone we can name the Smart Pause which allows users to pause a video they're watching by looking another way, the Dual Camera shooting, and the eye-tracking Smart Scroll feature.

Anyway, are you happy with the game titles that will be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4? Can it be a good reason why you should the devices, or you think it just speaks for itself? Le us know your thoughts in the comment section below the article.


jadu ยท 6 years ago

Samsung just hasn't done enough on s4 to make me sell my s3 to buy it.

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