There are only three days until the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date and the rumor mill is not taking a brake, which is not a reason to be surprised considering that the next-gen flagship is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2013. According to anonymous sources quoted by the folks at SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with floating touch and it will use a new type of panel for the display.

The touchless gestures for the display is not a premier in the smartphone business, as the Japanese at Sony have already experimented something similar on their Xperia Sola terminal. If the rumors are true, the Galaxy S4 users will be able to user their fingers in a similar way to an S Pen stylus. For example, the floating touch function will allow the user to preview video files or photos by simply hovering the finger over a certain area of the display.

Another interesting report about the Samsung Galaxy S4 is claiming that the new smartphone will ditch the AMOLED technology in favor of its new relative, the PHOLED panel. Compared to the AMOLED displays that are using fluorescence, the PHOLED displays are using phosphorescent organic materials, which can be translated into an increase in luminosity of about 25%, also promising an improved battery life with up to 37%.

For the time being, the PHOLED displays have not been implemented for large scale commercial use because of the short life of the blue subpixels, but Samsung has developed its own Green PHOLED technology, which was officially announced four years ago and entered limited production a year ago.

According to an official announcement made by the South Korean company, the Green PHOLED panels have a life spawn of 15,000 hours at a brightness level of 90% from the maximum of 1,000 nits, and not less than 300,000 hours at a brightness level of 50%.

In case you forgot I remind you that the rumors are saying that Galaxy S4 will sport a 4.99-inch full HD display, being underpinned by an octo-core Exynos 5 Octa SoC with tri-core graphics and 2 GB of RAM. Sources say that the smartphone will also boast a 13 megapixel camera, of course with support for full HD video recording and panorama shooting mode.

We will find out on March 14th if the Samsung Galaxy S4 will indeed feature PHOLED display and touchless gestures, when the South Korean company will officially unveil the new terminal.

Dee · 6 years ago

This is the first article i've seen that mentions a PHOLED screen, all the rest say it's coming with an AMOLED screen. Would this PHOLED possibly help us see the phone a little better in sunlight?? Either way, i'm excited to try something new if they do go with another screen type, if not, i can live with it. The gesture as well as the wireless charging (even if i have to buy the extra piece needed for this) would be nice as well but I won't hold my breath for anything. Can't wait to finally see it on March 14!!

Zeffer · 6 years ago

I really hope all this hype isn't setting us up for a let down...

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