As the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date gets closer, more information about the next-gen flagship smartphone developed by the South Korean company are starting to hit the web. After we've heard tens of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5 some talking about its hardware specifications and other talking about its design and materials, now we finally have a confirmation for the handset's technical specifications.

Unfortunately, we are not looking at an official statement, but at some information coming from a Samsung insider quoted by Sammobile. The Samsung insider also has details about two of the Galaxy S5 variants, the Galaxy S5 Mini and the Galaxy S5 Zoom.

It was previously speculated that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come in two body variants: one made of plastic and the other made of metal. Sammobile's source confirmed for them that there will indeed be two Galaxy S5 variants: the metal one will have a price tag of €800, while the plastic one will cost around €600. Samsung's approach reminds me of Apple, as the Cupertino-based phone maker released both a metalic and a plastic iPhone in 2013, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The insider didn't provide information whether the permium Galaxy S5 will go on sale under a different name like previous rumors have suggested.

The Samsung insider also talked about the display unit Samsung will user for the highly-anticipated Galaxy S5. According to him, the flagship smartphone will pack an AMOLED display with 2,560×1,440 resolution, confirming the rumors saying that the S5 will boast about a 2K display. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to confirm the size of the display, but if the latest rumors prove true, the Samsung high-end smartphone might sport a 5.25-inch screen.

"The back of the phone [Samsung Galaxy S5] will sport a 16-megapixel camera," Sammobile notes, without mentioning whether it will come with optical image stabilization (OIS) or not. A couple of months ago it was reported that Samsung can't manufacture enough OIS modules for the 16 MP ISOCELL camera of the Galaxy S5, therefore the Koreans will say pass to optical image stabilization, at least for the Galaxy S5.

The same publication writes that the Galaxy S5 will be underpinned by either an octo-core Exynos 6 chipset or a Snapdragon 805 SoC, the latter one also coming with LTE support. The handset will come pre-loaded with Android 4.4 KitKat, of course, customized with Samsung's proprietary TouchWiz UI.

It looks like the octo-core Exynos 6 processor will be able to operate all eight cores simultaneously and that, unlike its predecessors, will be 4G LTE-friendly. As you probably know, so far, the LTE-enabled Galaxy S smartphones were powered by Qualcomm processors, but we could see a change in tradition this year. According to Sammobile, the metallic Galaxy S5 will be powered by the above mentioned Exynos 6 CPU, while the plastic, cheaper model will come with an Snapdragon 805 SoC, making the S5 one of the first (if not the first) smartphones in the world to arrive with Qualcomm's new processor. It's unclear whether the Exynos 6 is manufactured on 64-bit architecture or not.

Not long ago, a Samsung executive told the press that the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date has been set for the March - April time frame. Sammobile has more details on the matter, saying that the handset will be officially introduced sometime in March, during a press event held in London, while the market debut will take place in early April.

Unfortunately, the publication couldn't get any information on the amount of RAM equipping the Galaxy S5, but if it is to believe the rumors, the Samsung high-end smartphone will come with 3 GB RAM.

Let's recap the Galaxy S5 specifications: QHD Super AMOLED display ((2,560×1,440), octo-core Exynos 6 / quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, 16 MP rear-facing camera, Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box, and both plastic and metal versions.

As about the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini and the Galaxy S5 Zoom, it looks like the two devices will be officially unveiled a couple of months after the Galaxy S5 hits the market. According to Sammobile's insider, the Galaxy S5 Mini will be introduced in June, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom will be officially announced sometime in May. Both will come with Super AMOLED displays, while the Galaxy S5 Zoom's unit will pack qHD resolution and will be sized 4.8 inches. The two devices will leave the factory gates pre-loaded with Android 4.4 KitKat.

We are not surprised to hear that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a Mini version, as it would be the fourth Mini variant launched by the Korean company, after Galaxy S2 Mini, Galaxy S3 Mini, and Galaxy S4 Mini. On the other hand, the Galaxy S5 Zoom comes to fight on the cameraphone segment, even tough it would be more of a camera than a phone.

What are your expectations for the Samsung Galaxy S5? Are you expecting it to pack any particular features? Do you have any preferences when it comes to camera or processor? Please let us know in comments.

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