There's no doubt that the South Korea-based company will launch the Samsung Galaxy S5 next year, the follow-up of the already popular Samsung Galaxy S4, a smartphone that was sold in 40 million copies in less than a month after its market debut.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S devices are the best selling Android smartphones in the world, it's obvious that Sammy still has some work to be done both in terms of design and materials. Fortunately, it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be part of the company's new design direction called "Design 3.0," but what about the materials used for the next-gen flagship?

As you've probably noticed, the other big players of the smartphone world are trying to make their terminals look as premium as possible (see HTC One and Sony Xperia Z) using materials like aluminium or glass for their cases. In an attempt to find out whether Samsung is ready to fight back at its rivals with premium-looking Samsung Galaxy S5, we stretched our antennas and managed to find out that the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have an aluminium body. The information was provided to us by a trusted source close to the South Korean phone maker, who wanted to remain anonymous.

After a move like this, Samsung will be able to bite an even larger chunk of its main rival's market share, being able to attract the Apple customers who were choosing the iPhone for the looks and for premium materials used for its construction.

While we don't have the slightest idea what Design 3.0 really means in terms of looks, we can now confirm that Samsung will start to use aluminium for its high-end smartphones, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the first one to receive this treatment. Of course, an aluminium body comes with some expenses. First of all, the unibody construction (which is pretty popular among the smartphone makers) will no longer allow the users to remove the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S5, an aspect that was highly appreciated by the users who traveled a lot.

A while ago, a Samsung official said that the company takes into consideration how quickly and efficiently it can manufacture the product, knowing that it will have to ship a high volume, which was the reason why the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones so far had a plastic body. Since the Galaxy S flagships are getting more popular each year, the Samsung Galaxy S5 demand is expected to outmatch the one of its predecessor, so should we expect stock shortages if it's made of aluminium?

Anyway, it's a bit to early to speculate about the Samsung Galaxy S5, because there's almost a year until the smartphones sees the light of day, so a lot of things can change in the meantime.

What are you expecting from the Samsung Galaxy S5? Any guesses on its technical specs? What about some special features you'd like? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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