The Galaxy S5e tablets are now getting a brand new software update that adds support for Bixby Voice, a feature that was missing on the previous Android 9 Pie firmware builds. Check your device's Software Update section to look for new updates.

The Galaxy Tab S5e has been released in April 2019 and it came with Android 9 Pie, but the Bixby Voice support was lacking at launch and Samsung decided to launch the tablet without it. This feature was not present on release date due to the tablet not having a dedicated Bixby hardware button.

With the new Android 9 Pie update you can activate Bixby via Power key after you enable it using its toggle from the Notification panel. The Bixby Voice toggle can be found under the Advanced Features menu. After you manage to enable it, you will be able to launch it by long pressing the Power button.

If you don't want to launch the Bixby voice via Power button, then you can choose to do it by adding a small icon on your home screen, or by saying the "Hi, Bixby" audio command. Please note that you have to train your voice and let the tablet learn your audio pattern before being able to launch Bixby Voice.

The Android 9 Pie July firmware update for Galaxy Tab S5e also comes with Call and Message continuity, a feature that allows LTE users to take calls and send/ receive messages on their tablet. But for this to work you will first have to log into the same Samsung account on both devices. Please note that the Call and Message continuity support is only available for the Samsung phones that were launched in 2019.

If you want to install this new update on your device, then you will have to wait for the Android 9 Pie official firmware download notification to be send to your tablet. Also, you can manually look for new firmware updates by going to Settings> Software Update> Download Updates Manually option. If a new firmware is ready to install on your Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet, then you need to simply confirm the process and the device will take care of the rest of the process automatically. NOTE: the update is currently available only for Galaxy S5e users in the United Kingdom and in South Kore, but more regions should get it in the following weeks.

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