Even though it’s a three-year old device, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus still manages to run without problems and to offer a reliable Android (Nougat) experience. So, if you’re still using the S6 Edge+ and you’re not planning to change your smartphone anytime soon, do learn that a new update has been released in South Korea for your device and other markets will soon be added to this new roll out.

Unfortunately, it’s not a major platform, but a monthly OS improvement that’s still powered by the Nougat system. Of course, we’re talking about the August 2018 Security Patch, which might be one of the last official updates released by Samsung for the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus – we all know that after 3 years Samsung ends its official support in order to make you buy newer devices.

Anyhow, the August 2018 Security Patch will secure your online profile and your online activity. Additionally, the update will address the recently reported problems and will improve the Android Nougat functionality. Overall, by flashing this update you can obtain a better platform that’s fully stable and smooth.

As already outlined, the software is currently available in South Korea, so there it can be OTA received and applied – if your phone is powered by the stock Android OS and if root, or other similar tweaks, weren’t applied. The other users can choose to download the firmware package and flash it manually by using Odin.

If you do prefer the manual update process instead of waiting for the Android notification, do follow the rest of the guidelines explained below. There we will discuss about the pre-requisites and about the steps that must be followed for being able to successfully install the August 2018 Security patch on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Keep in mind that if your phone is currently tweaked, after manually flashing the official update you will lose root access, you will relock the bootloader on your phone, you will reinstall the stock recovery image and you will also reinstall bloatware on your S6 Edge+.

You will complete an official operation so your data should be protected during the update process. However, your personal files are sensitive data and in that case you can never be too sure about anything. So, that’s why you should perform a backup before starting to use Odin (don’t worry, Odin is an official program developed by Samsung so you won’t have to use risky, or complex flashing programs). You can quickly save the things that weren’t there on your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus from day one by using Samsung’s backup and restore apps, by syncing files with your Google Account or by using cloud storage platforms available for free on Google Play.

You can run Odin on a Windows based computer where the Galaxy S6 Edge+ drivers are set up – if you don’t know from where to download the right drivers for your phone you can try to use the Samsung KIES toolkit.

A few things must be performed on your handset before you start to apply the August 2018 Security Patch: you need to go to About Phone and you need to tap repeatedly on Built Number for enabling Developer Options (tap for 7 or 10 times until you are prompted with the ‘you are a developer’ message); then, from Developer Options (you can find this entry within General Settings) you have to check the USB Debugging feature.

And, since we discuss about a manual process, you have to make sure that your phone isn’t running low on power. Thus, if the power status bar shows less than 50% power left you must first charge your handset – otherwise you risk in experiencing software related malfunctions.

Manually Install August 2018 Security Patch on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

  1. From your computer access this page. As you will see, from there you can download the latest update that’s available for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.
  2. Save the August 2018 Security Patch on desktop.
  3. Next, go here and download Odin. Also, install the flashing program on your computer – run the Odin executable file and follow on-screen prompts.
  4. Now, in the end run Odin on your PC and, in the meantime, switch off your smartphone and then reboot it into download mode: press and hold the Power, Volume Down and Home buttons together.
  5. Of course, in the end connect your S6 Edge Plus with your computer via USB cable.
  6. Your smartphone must be recognized by the flashing program – if the ‘added’ message won’t be displayed and if the ID:COM section won’t be turned yellow or blue, you have to reinstall your phone’s drivers on your computer before retrying the steps from above.
  7. On Odin you can now click on the AP button; from the next window just load the update package and confirm.
  8. In the next step just make sure that the Re Partition and Auto Reboot options aren’t selected.
  9. You can now click on Start for initiating the actual installation process.
  10. It will be over when the ‘pass’ message will show up; then, the ID:COM field will turn green.
  11. You can close Odin now; thus, remove the USB connection and also reboot your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.
  12. That should be all.

Well, the August 2018 Security Patch is being rolled out for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ in South Korea as we speak. More markets will soon receive the same OTA, so make sure that your device can receive the official notification, or use the steps from above and install the firmware manually by using Odin. Either way, in the end share your update experience with us and tell us how the new software runs on your device – you can get in touch with our team and with other users through the comments field from below.

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