In case your Samsung Galaxy S9 has problems charging or it charges slowly, then something might be wrong with its firmware or some rogue app is preventing the device from fast charging.

Below you can find several tutorials that you can use in order try and troubleshoot the charging issues your Galaxy S9 is experiencing. If the charging issues have started to manifest after the device got a new official software update, then you might be forced to factory reset the device and or wait for a new firmware update to arrive.

Also, note that before you apply any of the changes below you will make sure that your Galaxy S9 original charger is not the culprit. Use the charger and test it with other smartphones, and see if the issue are still manifesting on those, too. If the issue is only present on your Galaxy S9 device, then something might be wrong with your phone.

Make Sure "Fast Cable Charging" Option is Enable in Galaxy S9 Settings:

All the Samsung Galaxy S9 devices are allowing users to disable the Fast Charging function, and if you disabled it some time ago, then you might want to turn it back on. If you didn't disable the Fast Charging function, but you go to Settings and it is disabled then something might have happened during a software update and the option got changed after the installation was done.

Here's how to verify that the Fast Cable Charging option is enabled:

  • go to Settings.
  • open Device Care.
  • tap on the Battery icon.
  • now tap the 3-dots icon and tap the "settings" option.
  • scroll down until you find the "fast cable charging" option.
  • enable it.

If the fast charge function was enabled already, then you will need to try the other guides below and try to fix the issues your device is experiencing.

Look for newer firmware updates and install them:

Sometimes Samsung will release some firmware updates that weren't fully tested or updates that are having some bugs that weren't detected during testing. Go to Settings> Software Update menu and use the "Download and Install" option to look for new firmware files. If a new update is ready for installation you have to simply confirm the download and your device will take care of the rest of the process.

If a newer update fixes the problem with the charger and now fast charge is working, then you are done with this post. If the issue is still present you will have to check the other instructions below.

Power off the Galaxy S9 and charge it while it is off:

If the fast charge function works when the Galaxy S9 is powered off, then most probably the Fast Charge function might be blocked by some rogue app you have recently installed. If you know that you've recently installed any apps from unknown sources and the charger started to show performance issues after that, then you should try to charge the device with it powered off. If the phone charges slowly even with the all of its functions shut off, then something might be wrong with the battery, so you should take your phone to a professional smartphone repair shop.

Another thing you can do would be to boot the phone in Safe Mode and try to test its charging capabilities. Here's how to boot Safe Mode for Galaxy S9: press and hold Power button until the Power options are loaded, then tap and hold the Power Off option for it to be replaced with the "Safe Mode" one. Confirm the boot to Safe Mode and you're done.

In Safe Mode you should try to charge the device and see if the Fast Charge works. If the issue continues even in Safe Mode then you have to take it to a Samsung Repair center, as they will most probably be able to determine the issues your device is experiencing.

Factory Reset the Galaxy S9:

If none of the instruction above work, then you will need to Factory Reset the Galaxy S9 and see if that gets rid of the Fast Charge issues. Please note that before applying any of the changes below you have to backup all your important data, as the factory reset will wipe clean the system partition.

Here's how to factory reset the Galaxy S9 from Recovery Mode:

  • power off the device.
  • press and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power buttons at the same time.
  • release the buttons when the screen turns blue and an Android logo is shown, then wait 30 seconds more for the Recovery Mode options to load.
  • select 'wipe data/ factory reset'.
  • confirm process.
  • reboot the Galaxy S9 in normal mode after you are done.

These were all the steps you had to try in order to fix your Galaxy S9 device. If the problems are still present and the Galaxy S9 is unable to fast charge, then you should take it to a smartphone repair center and have them take a look at it. If you have other questions about the Galaxy S9, then you should use the comments field below.

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