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Samsung Has Dual-SIM Galaxy A9 Pro For Europe in the Works

Over the last couple of years the South Korean phone maker Samsung has made a strategy of cleaning up its smartphone offer. The company basically revamped some of its products, but also removed a few of them. Even though Samsung doesn’t really produce as many handsets as it used to, it still has a high number of them on sale and it still remains the number one Android phone maker in the world. Now we’re gonna talk about the Galaxy A series of handsets, which actually had a metal and glass casing before the Galaxy S series, which is the company’s flagship family. The Galaxy A lineup began with the Galaxy Alpha, and now the Galaxy A family is marketed alongside the Galaxy S one, which is a pretty big deal. The lineup consists of several devices that have different displays in terms of size. As the Galaxy S phone, the Galaxy A products come with AMOLED displays and metal casing, but compared to the Galaxy S they do have smaller screen resolution.

To be more specific, today we’re gonna discuss the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, which the company seems to get ready for a European launch. The device has the model number SM-A910F / DS, and has just been certified by the WiFi Alliance. Why might ask what DS stands for. Well, it stands for Dual SIM, so we assume that the manufacturer will sell the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro just as a dual SIM handset, which is kind of odd because Samsung doesn’t really sell dual SIM versions of its smartphones outside of Asia. The phone might also be called Galaxy A9 (2016), and it will come with a Full HD display that measures 6 inches and has a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro will be powered by a Qualcomm made Snapdragon 652 SoC which consists of an ARM Cortex-A53 CPU meant to take care of your basic task such as browsing the internet, an ARM Cortex-A72 which will handle more demanding tasks such as mobile games. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro comes with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of native storage, which can be expanded via microSD card by up to 128 GB. In terms of photography, you will be able to take photos using its primary 16 MP camera placed on the back side, while selfies and video calls will be made with the 8 MP shooter. The phone also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC and 4G LTE. The home button of the Galaxy A9 Pro also works as a fingerprint recognizing sensor, and the phone packs a rather large 5,000 battery.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is a good alternative for the Galaxy S series and it’s meant for the customers who want to buy a premium looking smartphone, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, like they wold on a flagship. The phone is made out of quality materials and it comes with more than decent hardware as well, which makes it very appealing.

We don’t know when exactly will the device become available for purchase because it has yet to receive the Bluetooth SIG certification, which means that it will probably take a few more weeks until it will heat the European market. It is possible that the company will sell the smartphone in both single or dual SIM models, or only the dual SIM version. As soon as we find out more details about the availability of the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro w will be here to let you know as well.

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