Samsung is releasing a new security patch for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge users across the world. If you're still running stock firmware on your phone, then you should be getting the new Marshmallow OS update in the following days.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow firmware version G925IDVS3EPH2 is a security update that should patch the critical QuadRooter security flaw. Make sure to install the new update as soon as it reaches your device to be sure that your device is protected against it.

QuadRooter security vulnerability is a small flaw in Qualcomm chips, that might allow attackers to gain control over any device packing Qualcomm processing parts. QuadRooter comprises four different security bugs that might allow unknown attackers to take control over your phone using a malicious app.

This vulnerability was already discovered sometime in April and Google has added it to its Verify Apps scan feature since then, but it seems like Samsung is issuing a new patch that will exclusively look for QuadRooter vulnerability.

The QuadRooter "virus" infect only devices that had installed apps from sources other than Google's Play Store. If you've never installed apps from 3rd-party sources, then you are safe against this vulnerability. However, even if you've used external sources to install applications on your Galaxy S6 Edge phone, the chances of getting the device infected with this virus are incredibly slim.

The new official Android 6.0.1 August Security Update for Galaxy S6 Edge phones is released over-the-air and it should reach all users starting today. The update file size measures around 63MB. At this moment, the update is being rolled out in India, while other countries should follow soon.

The Android 6.0.1 August Security update changelog for Galaxy S6 Edge G925I lists some other changes and improvements: Smart Manager app installed, overall device performance improved, efficient memory management with improved performance, automatic deletion of unnecessary cache files, notification of unstable apps, other security tweaks.

Tell us in comments if you've received the new update. Also, feel free to list any extra info you have on the QuadRooted Android Security vulnerability.

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