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Samsung reportedly working on a next-gen S Pen

Samsung has been very successful with their Galaxy Note phablet and it seems like they want to continue selling smartphones and tablets that come with their S Pen out of the box. While some consider that styluses are not needed anymore and capacitive displays don’t need them, it seems like Samsung actually managed to create some cool things by using it.

The S Pen present in the Galaxy Note is able to unlock some functions that otherwise won’t work and we do have some information that they are going to make it even better. Some rumors say that the Korean giant is working on a next-gen S Pen with built-in NFC support and a clip for voice communication.

The biggest problem with styluses is that they often lag, but Samsung might have fixed this issue by using micro-current present in the human body, so that the device thinks it’s actually a hand that’s touching it.

If this turns out to be true, we can suppose that Samsung will bundle it with their new Galaxy Note 10.1, which aims to grab a bigger share of the tablet market, which is still owned by Apple. And we already know that Samsung is struggling to create appealing apps especially for the S Pen, which proves they are going to continue bundling it with their devices.

Now we can only hope to get a better stylus with more actual functionality.