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Samsung Shipped 50 Million Galaxy S3 Units, Galaxy S4 Demand Is Huge

You though that the Galaxy S3 sold a lot of units? Yes, it did, but Samsung’s hopes for its successor are even higher. The flagship smartphone has just been released in some markets today. The pre-order number is huge, but this is just the beginning as the company hopes to sell 100 million Galaxy S4 units, goal which the South Korean manufacturer thinks it’s doable.

So, today is the day when the first customers are able to get their hands on the highly praised Galaxy S4. The company though it would be nice to release the product firstly in their home country, and the Korean can now buy the device.

The handset will be released in other regions in the days to come, though some of the worldwide mobile operators such as T-Mobile and Sprint in the US have delayed the launch because of supply chain issues caused by the high demand for the smartphone. Samsung itself has confirmed the stock shortages, though this might also be part of the company’s strategy in making the world believe that everybody wants to buy its phone.

Samsung hold a launch even today in Korea, and online publication Korea Times got to interview some of the Samsung officials and analysts that said that selling 100 million Galaxy S4 units won’t be that big of a deal for the number one Android smartphone maker. Furthermore, the executives said that their prediction is based on the fact that the company has received “explosive orders” and that’s why the 100┬ámillion milestone is “highly achievable”. Another factor is that, even though the Galaxy S4 comes with more than impressive hardware under its hood, Samsung is still able to sell the smartphone at a competitive price.

In related news, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has sold 50 million units since the day it was released back in May 2012, which means that the S3 was still been very appealing in the last couple of months because back in January the company stated that it managed to sell more than 40 million S3 units. Of course, the fact that the price of the Galaxy S3 price has decreased since the announcement of its successor could also be a reason why the S3 has sold 10 million units in just three months, which is pretty impressive considering that the smartphone was launched in 2012.

Of course, Samsung has to double its efforts if it wants double sold units, but it seems that the company is on the right track despite the manufacturing issues. Actually has had the same kind of problems with its HTC One, and it looks like the Taiwan-based phone maker managed to solve them rather quickly.

And if HTC can do it then Samsung will definitely follow its example even if the demand for the Galaxy S4 is higher than the one of the HTC One. And we’re talking about Samsung, after all, company which is clearly capable handling things.