After having written about the next generation Dual SIM Android smartphone from HTC, time has come for Samsung to unveil not one but two distinct dual SIM devices in the form of the Galaxy S Duos and the Galaxy Y Duos. Their names should sound familiar, as these two handsets are only adding dual SIM functionality to two of the most well known Samsung smartphones out there. In this case, Samsung has chosen to release special varieties of these two phones for the Indian market.

First up, the Galaxy S Duos. It is the most powerful dual SIM Android smartphone Samsung has launched to date, but hardware wise, it still lives a couple of years ago, when the Galaxy S was firstly announced. As far as the actual hardware is concerned, the S Duos runs on a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A5 processor that is helped on the graphical part by an old school Adreno 200 GPU. These specs are a little bit lower than those of the original Galaxy S, but the 768MB of RAM make sure you can multitask to your limits. Other specs include a nice 4 inches wide TFT LCD of WVGA resolution, which again is on par with the older AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S.

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To add more to the package, Samsung has outfitted the Galaxy S Duos with a 5 MP camera on the back and all the usual connectivity options, although the latter are not the best in the class. As far as the dual SIM functionality is concerned, the Galaxy S Duos offers support for 3G and data connectivity for both SIM cards, but it doesn’t offer support for two simultaneous data connections, which is for us understandable. The handset also offers Smart Dual SIM tech, which allows you to take calls from one SIM card while the other one is still active.

On the software side, the S Duos comes with something the original Galaxy has dreamed of having: Android 4.0.4 ICS. This may be to the fact that this model offers 4 GB of internal storage, which is more than the original had to offer in the ROM memory department.

Prices for the new Galaxy S Duos will be around Rs. 17900 or €256. This is also the price that smartphone is expected to arrive on the European shores in the near future. In this segment, the only competition the device might have comes from HTC in the form of the HTC One V.

Now for the second announced device, the Galaxy Y Duos Lite. This one might seem familiar as it is the Indian version of the popular Galaxy Pocket Duos. There is not much to say about this particular Droid as it only packs the bare minimum specs that allow it to run Android fluently.

In the hardware department, the Galaxy Y Duos Lite packs a 2.8 inches wide QVGA screen which is animated by a modest 832MHz processor and presumably less than 512 MB of RAM. It does however pack 3 GB of internal storage and a 2 MP camera which are good specs for its price range.

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On the dual SIM side, it also offers the Smart Dual SIM technology as its bigger brother, but it only offers 3G support on the main SIM card.

As far as the software is concerned, the Galaxy Y Duos Lite comes with the old and trustworthy Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread, but this is to be expected given the hardware specs of the device and mostly given the price: Rs. 6990 or €100.

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